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Top 30 Fabulous Dog Breeds That Seniors Love

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

The love of dogs is unconditional. They are loyal creatures and possess several psychological and health benefits. They are the best companions for the seniors. According to the center for disease control and prevention, “Keeping pets reduces anxiety and helps in correcting the old –age-related brain degenerative diseases. in meantime should pick hypoallergenic dogs for fewer health problems and medium dog breeds are the best for seniors lifestyle.

All dogs are right loyal, and funny creatures, but their personalities vary, and here we will discuss the 30 best dog breeds for seniors and retirees, making the best companionship with seniors as recommended by any veterinarian

1- Schipperke

Appearance: Fox-like (thick fur, often black)
Temperament: They are Active, playful, energetic, curious, and affectionate. Keep in mind that Schipperke needs some extra training.
Suitable: For those seniors who want to stay active. It is ideal for studio apartments.
Average size: reach up to 13 inches (height)
5-5.5 kg (weight)

2- Lhasa Apso

One of the best small dog breeds as a lovable companion dog for seniors
Appearance:  They are Silky fur, with deep-set eyes and dark brown pendant ears. This small breed originated from Tibet.
Temperament:  easily managed, calm, playful, easy to handle, guard dogs.
Suitable:  best for seniors because It needs little training, easy to manage (lovely and sweet breed). It just needs regular grooming.
Average size: 10-11 inch (height)
7-8 kg (weight)

3- Labrador Retriever

A purebred breed canine like the lab puppy is a large dog but easy to take care of it.
Appearance: Dense, harsh weather-resistant coat, broad skull with a clear-cut head, and an otter tail. This dog breed belongs to a sporting group of dogs.
Temperament: They are intelligent, hardworking, friendly, loyal, and lovely.
Suitable: best for those seniors who want a good friend and guard. They are a bit hard to handle.
Average size: 22-24 inches (height)
65-80 pounds (weight)

4- Pomeranian

It is one of the most most popular dog breeds for seniors, but if you don’t like to hear dogs bark, you should avoid adopting one
Appearance:  These mini creatures are called balls of fluff: fox-like build, bug eyes.
Temperament: They are friendly, easy to train, talkative.
Suitability: For those seniors who want fluffy friends to cuddle with them.  Small dogs are highly suitable for small apartments. These mini creatures don’t need much exercise as well.
Average size: 8-14 inches (height)
3-7 pounds (size)

5- Dachshund

Appearance: Long muzzles, long and slack ears, muscular short legs, and a healthy back. Coat color may be red, grey, black, or chocolate. (coat is usually smooth and shiny)
Temperament: Friendly, playful, active.
Suitability: For seniors. They love to play and are ideal companions for small apartments. Easy to handle and respond politely. They don’t need much grooming at all.
Average size:  Approx nine inches (height)
16-33 pounds (size)

6- Havanese

Appearance: Velcro dogs, brown hair coat,
Temperament: They are lovely and friendly. Havanese love to sit in laps and are playful dogs.
Suitability: for seniors. They don’t need much grooming and exercise. Please don’t leave them all alone at home.
Average size: 8-11 inches (height)
7-13 pounds (size)

7- Bichon Frise

Appearance: Fluffy white dogs
Temperament: Friendly, playful, and intelligent
Suitability: For apartments.
Average size:  10-15 inches (height)
10-12 pounds (size)

8- Pug

Appearance:  Their face is similar to a human fist. Short fur
Temperament: Lovely, playful, intelligent
Suitability: For small places and less need for grooming because of their short fur.
Average size: 10-14 inches (height)
14-18 pounds (size)

9- Bolognese

Appearance: little white compact dog. This breed of dog is well. (Italian breed)
Temperament: friendly
Suitability: For seniors considered as best companions
Average size: 9-12 inches (height)
8-14 pounds (size)

10- Chinese Crested

Appearance: hairless exotic-looking breed (maybe with fur). This breed has characteristics of hair on the head, tail, and ankles.
Temperament: lively and friendly
Suitability: Small dog breed appropriate for  seniors
Average size: 11-13 inches( height)
11 pounds (weight)

11- Chihuahua

Appearance: Apple head (hallmark), tiny Mexican dog breed. Erect ears and luminous eyes.
Temperament:  Friendly (family pet)
Suitability: For seniors, easily adjustable
Average size: 6-9 inches (height)
3-6 pounds (weight)

12- Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie is a cute and hypoallergenic breed
Appearance: Silky coat, grayish blue, toy dog breed
Temperament:  Friendly and easily manageable
Suitability: Smallest dog breed, appropriate for small apartments
Average size: 6-9 inches (height)
3-6 pounds (size)


13- Japanese Chin
14- French Bulldog
15- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
16- Maltese
17- West Highland White Terrier
18- Brussels Griffon
19- Miniature Schnauzer
20- Cocker Spaniel
21- Bulldog
22- Greyhound
23- Shih Tzu
24- Boston Terrier
25- Basset Hound
26- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
27- Golden Doodle
28- Poodle
30- Italian Greyhound
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