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ANIMAL.DIRECT is an online classified ads specialist in pets and animals, pet supplies and veterinary services in USA

Animal Direct is different, we love our own pets, and wanted to create a safe place for selling pets, but also pet services, with the convenience of online access where we know buyers, sellers and of course the pets themselves, will all be safe and secure. The best way to accomplish this is by ensuring there is a barrier to entry that puts the scammers off, but we also didn’t want just another high-priced ad site that few could afford to use frequently. So, we have developed our site to avoid the scammers, but also make sure that it is affordable for anyone wanting to sell a pet or provide a pet service, even if it’s a one-person dog grooming business.
With prices that meet customer’s budgets, this is an online pet sales environment with integrity, where buyers and sellers, businesses and customers can trust each other with confidence. There are just 2 options for ads to keep everything simple to use:
  1. Standard Ads Package: 2 Standard ads live for 60 days, for 1.99$ only with no recurring charges
  2. Featured Ads Package: 2 Featured ads live for 120 days, 4.99$ only with no recurring charges and includes unlimited standard ads. The featured ads are shown in the main page gallery and are labelled as featured ads in all other pages they may appear
Whether you wanting to sell a pet, or are a business such a Vet, Pet Hotel, Grooming Service, Training Service or Doggy Daycare, you now have an affordable, trustworthy online space for your ads and always you can search for nearby ads on map. A safe online pet marketplace is important for all of us, buyers, sellers and most of all our pets, and Animal Direct delivers just that. An online marketplace with integrity is something everyone wants, and thanks to Animal Direct, it really does exist.

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