Anti-Scam Tips

Tips for Buying Pets Online Safely
  • - To reduce scams, do not to put your contact information in the Description of your Listing so that only the registered users can contact you
  • - Request seller to write your name on a piece of paper and take a new photo with it next to the pet with a V hand sign
  • - Prefer a local buyer whom you can meet in person
  • - It is safer to exchange at a local Police station parking lot, and record photos/videos during sale
  • - Only accept payment via Cash, Zelle, CashApp, etc., not personal checks or cashiers checks that can be faked or cancelled
  • - Send a small test amount like $0.50 first and confirm the recipient received it before sending the full amount
  • - If accepting large cash, do the transfer at a bank. Otherwise verify that the bills are not fake - use a fake bill detection pen
  • - Do not disclose your bank account information, Social Security number, or passwords, etc
  • - Do not click on Phishing attack links or attachments in unsolicited emails
  • - Check your Spam folder for missing emails from potential customers or us, and mark it as not spam
  • - Make a video recording of the transaction to reduce future disputes
  • - Have the buyer/seller sign a contract acknowleding the AS IS transaction, amount, date, etc
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How To Avoid A Pet Scam

Tips For Buying Pets Online

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