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What a Cat DNA Test Can Tell You? (GCAT DNA)

With the advancement of science, specific DNA test kits are developed by which you can test different parameters. A cat DNA test kit will tell you about

1- Cat Breed

Many proud pet owners bought or rescued cats, and some even have stray cats. Knowing the breed of the cat is very important, and most of these people do not know the breed of their cat correctly because most rescue organizations generally define breed based only on appearance. A DNA test will inform you about the breed of cat.

2- Hybrid Status of Cat

There are many hybrid cat breeds, and the DNA test will tell you the percentage of wild cat DNA and other genetic combinations that exist in your furry companion. The information that the test will give you is not about the origin of your cat or its ancestral history. It will inform you about the most recent incursions from nature.
You will be surprised to see the result when you discover that your cat is purebred or a combination of different breeds of cats.

3- Health Risks of Cats

A DNA test will provide information on the health risk inherited to your furry companion. As in some breeds, there are certain inherited diseases that can decrease the life expectancy of your pet.
Similarly, some diseases are more common in certain breeds, and these tests provide health-related results for those breeds. Some of the available test kits can further scan a specific variant that causes disease in the breed.
This information can help you take precautionary measures to prevent the onset of disease. The test results will also help you prepare for certain consequences such as deafness or blindness. So the truth is, cat DNA testing is essential as it can provide information on the cat’s health and should be considered by all pet owners.

4- Detail about DNA Test

Are cat DNA tests accurate?
There is always a margin of error in this DNA test, similar to human DNA tests. This cat DNA test provides the estimated information for health-related conditions. However, recent evolution in the ancestral history of cats makes this test more reliable than humans.Check out the Whole Genome DNA Test – Basepaws

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