Whole Genome DNA Test

$ 499
If you want to know the complete genetic information about your cat, you should opt for Basepaws whole-genome sequencing. This complete genome sequencing will provide complete information about your cat's genome. This single test will provide 10,000 times more information than other routine DNA tests.

This test is most beneficial because it can detect genetic variations that are often difficult to detect with other tests. Not only can you get information on race and health status, but you will also have full access to the raw data. Raw data can be used to learn a lot of information in addition to routine statistics.

Basepaws whole genome sequencing also provides the opportunity to find new markers to detect genetic variations and mutations. It leads to the advancement of cat genetics, where you can easily detect any variation through testing.

All you have to do is register at BasePaws.com and request the proof. After receiving the kit, take the swab and collect the saliva sample from your kitten; you can take the saliva sample by rubbing the swab inside the kitten's mouth. After that, put the swab in the container and send it to Basepaws. Results will be available three to four weeks after complete sequencing.

Key feature
  • Whole-genome sequencing
  • Discovery of new genetic marker
  • Complete breed test
  • Health DNA test
Access to the informative private Facebook community of BasePaws
  • Get complete information on your cat's genome in a test
  • Learn about your cat's breed and health
  • Simple and fast sampling procedure
  • Free shipping from the USA.
  • Accurate results due to using WGS technique
  • Little expensive
  • Test results take a lot of time
Original Product
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