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The Most Popular Types Of Spaniel Dogs Breeds

There is a well-known phrase about a Spaniel Dogs: “man’s best friend.” The dog is always devoted, loyal, and ready to protect the owner, despite its small size. The spaniel breed is globally recognized and renowned; the use of animals is wide and varied. It is an all-time favorite in any family, a tireless companion in games, a cheerful and active friend of children, and an excellent gun dog.

This article will provide you interesting information about the different types of spaniel dogs. Below is a list of 10 breeds of spaniels that are popular in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

#1/10 – Continental Toy Spaniel

These small descendants of Spitz and Spaniels are one of the smartest breeds in the world. There are two types of Continental Toy Spaniel:
  • Papillon
  • Phalene
They differ in the usual position of the ears. White always predominates in their color; there may be spots of different colors, except for blue.

#2/10 – Epagneul Breton

The medium-sized hunting breed (Brittany) is famous for its energy. It is in great demand among hunters in Italy. The dog gets along well with people, particularly with babies, and even with other four-legged ones. It is worth emphasizing her/his jealousy and hyperactivity, for which the owners should be ready in advance.

#3/10 – English Cocker Spaniel

They are also known as “funny cockers.” These are often red-colored hunting dogs, which are elegant and stable in pursuit of a bird, but affectionate and gentle with their owners. It’s hard enough to train them and wean them to bark a lot.

#4/10 – American Cocker Spaniel

Another type of Cocker breed is the American cocker spaniel. The small Spaniel adores children and, although it has not been hunting for a long time, has developed muscles. As for the coat, you can observe the presence of charming curls and a thick undercoat. These dogs live up to 15 years old and are not aggressive.

#5/10 – Russian Spaniel

The FCI does not recognize this breed, but this does not detract from its merits. These types of Spaniels correctly follow the trail, willingly follow all commands, and perfectly feel the mood of the owner. The color of Russian spaniels can be one-color, two- and even three-colored.

#6/10 – Sussex Spaniel

These dogs bark differently from other spaniels due to the hound’s blood. They are straightforward to train but require careful care of the coat; they stand out for their high efficiency and learning ability.

#7/10 – American Water Spaniel

In the 80s, the American Water Spaniel became a symbol of the state of Wisconsin, as it was bred there. Based on the name, it is easy to guess that such kinds of Spaniels breed are not afraid of water, even cold! It differs in endurance, flair, and the ability to swim well. Unfortunately, they are prone to diseases of the reproductive and nervous system, eyes, and skin.

#8/10 – Wetterhoun

Wetterhouns belong to Holland. This breed swims and dives well, dexterously catches otters. The character is kind, but dogs prefer to show their independence. Wetterhouns are large and formidable in appearance, but their behavior is not always aggressive because special training and education play an essential role.

#9/10 – Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels are slender dogs with hanging ears and curled coat. The breed is shy in the presence of strangers and playful in the circle of loved ones. They arrange funny antics and love for naughty games. When training, assertiveness, and special preparation are required, the monotony of Irish spaniels quickly gets bored.

#10/10 – Clumber Spaniel

You can name many of their advantages, but one important drawback cannot ignore. This breed is not a watchdog, although it is not always kind to strangers. The dog can live in a kennel and in an apartment, be a nanny for children and other pets in the house. They love to run after a stick and actively walk, but since they are prone to allergies, they require special attention in selecting food.

Bottom Line

Spaniels are born hunters and loyal friends. They are trustworthy, friendly, and completely non-aggressive. All types of Spaniels get along well with every family member, but they need proper education and training.

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