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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and Dirt: New Surprising Facts

If you have a dog in your life, you must have seen some strange habits in them. One of those habits is eating grass and dirt. You may have caught them grazing time or two and may wonder why your dog is eating grass.

There have been numerous stories about this behavior here. We will discuss some of the reasons why your dog eats grass and dirt and the reasons behind it.

What makes a dog eat grass?

It is very common in dogs to eat grass, and there is very little evidence about it that why they do it. Here are some of the common theories about a dog eating grass and dirt

Dogs eat grass when they feel sick

Dogs eat grass mainly when they eat too much and feel nauseous. Sick dogs eat grass so they can throw up and feel better. It is seen that almost 25% of dogs throw up after eating grass.

They like the taste of grass

Another story about a dog eating grass is that they like the taste of grass. You can see them grazing in your backyard whenever they find an opportunity. Some veterinarians also believe that dogs eat grass to overcome their nutritional deficiencies; however, most veterinarians do not fully support this theory.

They eat grass when they get bore

At some point, when you let your dog’s play, and you don’t give them enough physical and mental stimulation, they will get bored and start eating grass. It is recommended to give them enough stimulation to play and stay happy. You can give them toys such as chew toys to play with. Similarly, puzzle games have proven helpful for mental stimulation.

Why do dogs eat dirt?

Most dogs that eat grass also tend to have dirty faces. Dogs that like the taste of grass also like to eat a sample of dirt. There are few theories behind this dog action, and those are discussed below.

Food deficiencies

Dogs fed an improper diet that does not meet their mineral requirements will like to eat dirt. Since dirt is a source of minerals, and when they dig the soil with their tongue, they are trying to satisfy their mineral requirements. If you see this problem in your puppy, try offering him a different food that is rich in minerals.

Just a destructive behavior

Sometimes it looks like your dog is eating dirt, but he’s really just digging dirt. This happens when your puppy finds something on the ground that smells wonderful and uses his nose to dig and locate the exact item. At some point, they are digging in the backyard to find their own buried treasure.

My dog eats grass and throws up: why?

Most of the reason dogs eat grass is similar to eating dirt. Dogs like to eat dirt because they have an upset stomach, behavioral problems, or they just like the taste.

Are there any risks associated with dogs eating grass and dirt?

Eating grass is a common behavior for dogs and is not a cause for serious concern until they eat too much of it. If your dog starts eating too much grass and is not feeling well or if you see dog is eating grass and throws up after that, it is time to contact your vet.

Eating grass can be risky if pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on the grass, so avoid spraying it if your pet loves to eat grass. Similarly, look for poisonous plants in your backyard because dogs that like to eat grass can taste all green vegetation, and this can be dangerous for them.


It is also recommended that you contact your vet if your dog starts eating grass or dirt just for your peace of mind and checking that everything is okay.

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