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How to Choose the Best Dog Harness

We all want to take our best friend out for a walk- because walking is probably one of the most fun activities that dog and owner both enjoy. However, while going with your pet, it is essential to ensure his security, and a proper dog harness can make a lot of difference.
In the overcrowded market of dog harnesses, finding a perfect fit for your dog isn’t an easy task. While choosing a dog harness, you must count on some essential factors; this will help you in selecting a top pick for your friend. Let’s have a look over some important points that you should consider!

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Dog Size

Dog harnesses come in different sizes, and choosing the right fit for your dog is very important. A loose dog harness may not perform its function appropriately, while a tight harness could be irritating and painful for the pup.  Make sure to measure your dog’s rib cage size, which will help you buy the size according to your dog’s needs.
Usually, the method used to check the size of the harness is that there should be a gap of two fingers in between your dog’s skin and harness. Furthermore, you can also test the harness by taking a dog on a short trip. Notice that the harness rubs against the skin comfortably and doesn’t cause any irritating effect on the dog.

Harness design

Dog harness Canada comes in various designs, and the selection of the design wholly depends on the fact that how hard your canine friend pulls. If your dog is wearing the wrong harness, then he can easily pull it; that can be really dangerous for him. You surely don’t want this to happen!
For this, you should know different types of harnesses available; let’s have a quick view over that.

Ø Back-Clip Harness

It is one of the most basic harnesses available. This harness has a metal loop at the backside, where the leash will be attached. The best thing about this harness is that the leash will not get tangles, and dogs won’t be able to chew the leash as it will be on the backside. Keep in mind that if your dog has a habit of pulling hard, this harness isn’t recommended.

Ø Front-Clip Harness

This type of harness will teach your dog not to tug or pull his leash. The dog trainers usually choose it as it will help their dogs to teach leash manners. The style of this leash is almost similar to the back-clip harness; the only difference is that this loop is on the front side.

Ø Dual-Clip Harness

This highly versatile dog harness provides you the option of attaching the leash at the front or back. You can attach it on any side, depending on your dog’s behavior. Although, some dogs may not feel comfortable with two metal loops. So, if your dog is super sensitive, then this is something you should avoid.

Ø Step-In Harness

This type of harness is best for dogs who don’t like to have a harness over their head. You can quickly put on this harness, and the clip is usually on the backside. If your dog is not very obedient, this harness could cause you a bit of a problem.
Out of all these types, choose a harness that matches your dog’s temperament and needs.


Harnesses may be made of cloth, leather, nylon, or some other material. No matter which material you choose, make sure that it is comfortable for your dog and is easy to clean. Maintaining hygiene is one of the most crucial factors.
Cloth harness needs padding and more cleaning, while the leather harness is, although a bit challenging to clean but is super comfortable for your dog. Some dog owners also love to have nylon harnesses because of their quick and easy washing. The selection of the material entirely depends on your dog’s skin, allergies, and size.


Padding in the dog harness isn’t necessary; however, it acts as a bonus. If you have a short hair breed, we recommend you choose a padded harness to avoid skin irritation. Other than being highly functional, the padding in the harness also looks stylish and encourages your dog to walk some extra miles.


While purchasing the harness for your dog, make sure to notice that it is made with superior quality material. Harness made with cheap material will deteriorate quickly and will not stay with you for a long time.


Another crucial aspect to notice is that your harness will grow with your dog or not. This means that your harness allows you to adjust it as your dog increases in his size.


Before looking for the harness, you must decide your budget. The cost of the dog harness varies according to its features, design, material, and size. We don’t recommend you to buy a very pricey harness but keep in mind that quality always comes with a price. It is better to invest some extra pennies rather than buying a low-quality product.
Generally, a small basic harness will cost you almost $15-30, while a large fancy harness will cost you $35-50.


After considering all these points, choose a dog harness Canada that matches your style and your dog’s needs. The best dog harness is the one that is equally stylish and practical. After introducing your pup with a new harness, keep on noticing his behavior for a while to see whether he is comfortable or not. Choose a dog harness Canada, and make your dog feel secure in your next walk.
Happy Parenting!

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