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10 Reasons Why You need Goldendoodle

When it comes to designer dogs, who can forget the popular and cute  Goldendoodle. The Goldendoodle is a “designer dog’ a hybrid resulting from mixing Golden Retriever with Poodle. Well, it’s not truly a breed of its own, it’s a crossbreed. This breed has got famous with time.
This low-shedding, intelligent and lively dogs have adopted some best traits from their parents. As a canine-lover, you will love to have a Goldendoodle. Because We love Doodles They are the cutest creature on earth.

Information about Goldendoodle

This versatile dog is also known as Groodle. The size varies from small to large depending upon the size of the Golden Retriever and Poodle they are crossed with.
Goldendoodles are proven to the excellent family dogs. They are not only family dogs but they have also gained fame being the best therapy dogs, service dogs, guide dogs and Sniffers.
Goldendoodles are a mixture of both agility and care. Goldendoodles are the combination of good looks, playfulnessand loyalty.


The Goldendoodle is the newest of all doodles or poodles mix. The breeding of Goldendoodle began in 1990 after Labradoodle and Cockapoo got footholds. The breeders wanted to create a low-dander,less-shedding coat with a friendly nature creature.

How to get a Goldendoodle? 

Even though these Goldendoodles are very famous among Australians, no breed club or registry is existing.
If you are willing to own this toy Goldendoodle puppies, you can buy them online. Many breeders provide the Toy Goldendoodle puppies for sale according to your desired sizes, colours and needs.
Amazing facts revealing, Goldendoodle is a keeper;
When it comes to a designer dog, a canine keeper thinks it a high-maintenance job. Having a Goldendoodle will amaze you because of these facts listed below.

  1. They are Hypoallergenic;

Wait, what you have always loved owning a dog but you are afraid of allergies. Goldendoodle is the best choice as they do not shed. People with tearing or sneezing behaviours can easily keep them as a pet. Shedding sucks. The unmatched beautiful coats don’t even shed, and it’s a relief for dog-lovers.

  1. Aww! The good looks;

Who can ever say they are not attracted towards beauty. Goldendoodle is a symbol of good looks and intelligence. The pretty looking creature comes in various colours and sizes. They have adopted floppy ears from Golden retriever and so humane moustaches from poodles.

  1. Goldendoodles are easy to train;

Beauty with brains is a statement that goes perfectly with Goldendoodles. A part Golden Retriever and a part poodle has made them the smartest breeds on the planet. Owners are very much pleased with the high level of intelligence and strong desire for learning.

  1. Pick your size;

Goldendoodles come in many sizes. Small, Medium and Large. As a poodle parent, you have a wide range of sizes, you can choose from. Since they are crossbreed, the sizes depend on the parents too. You can easily pick your dog if you live in an apartment or you can go for a large sized-dog if you have a huge garden.

  1. So many colour choices;

Mixing a Golden Retriever and a poodle has lead to many different colour choices. Apricot, silver, grey, brown, café-au-lait and cream.

The colour variations can be infinite depending on the ancestors.

  1. Goldendoodles are a designer breed;

Goldendoodles are a new breed that first appeared in 1990. They are not officially registered breed of their own, Goldendoodle is considered a designer breed, their parents are pure breed but different breeds from each other.

  1. Goldendoodles are born athletes;

Energetic and playful Goldendoodles are good athletes. They are your best cuddle partner.
Goldendoodles are a must-have for active families. They are good partners for your walk, run or chase through the water.

  1. The Friendly Nature;

The Teddy- bear appearance is not only cute but makes Goldendoodle a must-have. They are friendly with both adults and kids.

This is the friendliest dog you can ever have. The cute cuddle-buddy is a smart and loyal dog.

The amazing personality trait is their friendliness with other dogs too. They are always happy being surrounded by other dogs. So, you have always an option to take them to parties where other canine-mates are invited.

  1. They can be potty-trained easily;

A dog parent can relate to the pain of potty-training their dogs. Goldendoodles are very sharp to learn the potty-training.

They learn very quickly, they will not mess your mind when it comes to potty training.

  1. They are very Clever;

They are very clever, yes, they are always in a state of learning new things. You can’t go wrong in training your dogs. You can teach them the things you want easily. From making them your watchdog to a playful mate, you are good to go with anything you want.

Well, to own a designer dog is a dream of almost every dog-keeper. Here, in the case of Goldendoodle, you will not regret having them as your pet. The ten amazing qualities will convince you to own a Goldendoodle now.

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