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7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy takes some knowhow and also some care on your part. Here are some tips on doing so.



1. Spay Or Neuter

Spaying your female dog will prevent her from entering heat and also prevent pyometra, infections of the uterus or breast cancer. Neutered male dogs will enjoy an attenuated aggression level as well as avoid certain conditions like prostate disease, hernias and testicular cancer.

2. Vaccinate

At the age of three months, your puppies will not be receiving the same content of antibodies from their mother’s milk and their immune functions can suffer. For this reason, it is very important to have your puppies vaccinated as this will protect them from a gamut of infectious diseases including Lyme disease, leptospirosis, parvovirus and distemper. The correct selection of vaccinations will improve your pets health and keep them alive.

3. Visit Your Vet

Just like you benefit from the health recommendations of your provider, your dog’s health will improve with professional attention. Having an annual checkup will allow you to catch small health problems before they are allowed to grow into serious health issues with severe consequences. Your vet will need to know all about your dog’s life and health, including exercise habits and diet. Your dog’s vital stats will also be examined. Because this is a regular expense, shop around for budget-friendly vet services.

4. Declare War On Fleas And Ticks

Fleas are responsible for far more than just itchy skin. Fleas can bring on other conditions including allergic reactions, anemia and tape worms. The good news is that there are a host of ways that this particular menace can be addressed. Advantage and Frontline are some of the most popular. The only way to ensure that the threat has been fully met is with monthly applications. Remember that when you are preparing to declare war on a flea menace, all bastions of the flea invasion must be attacked simultaneously. This means all pets’ houses be treated and special services should be called in to exterminate fleas in couches, rugs and exteriors.

You will then have to be very careful during the summer months as this is when fleas are most active. Summer treatments may need to be carried on for that vital extra month just to ensure you have no future problems.

5. Treat Heartworm By Preventing It

Heartworm is a difficult condition to treat and can be fatal for your dog. But this can be prevented with a treatment like Heartgard, which prevents the problem before it even begins.

6. Exercise Your Dog Every Day

This should be more than a brisk walk around the block for them to do their doggy business. Good exercise will keep your dog physically, mentally and emotionally stable and can curb some of their more destructive behaviors that can come from a lack of stimulation. The exercise requirements of your dog will be different depending on each breed, age and sex of your dog.

7. Watch Your Dog’s Weight

Lack of exercise and overeating can combine to create even more health problems.  Your dog will not be able to decide how much exercise they need or how much food they are allotted, only you as the responsible caregiver can make these important decisions. Feed them a good quality food and supplement with healthy dog treats now and again. Arthritis liver disease and coronary disease are just some of the more serious health conditions that can strike an obese and unhealthy of. You must discuss a plan of proper health for your dog and this may include a lower calorie diet or less food and more exercise.

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