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The Importance of Dog Daycare

The majority of us live the 9-5 (or longer) work life pattern. To many, that may be a limiting factor deterring them from having a pet dog because what do you do with it when you work all day?

Do you leave him in a crate or in an enclosed room? For at least eight hours straight we’re talking? Let’s face it, that’s not something you’d want for your beloved pet because it’s just not healthy for them long term wise.

Behavioural problems, boredom, isolation and even depression may develop, not to mention bladder problems if your dog is toilet trained. You certainly do not want to come back to a messy home after a long day’s work too, which is what can happen if you leave a dog on its own for too long.

Hence the saviour that is a dog daycare centre for pet owners. It is the best solution that has became the new phenomenon whereby you leave your dog at the care of a group of professionals whilst you are at work. Once you’re done, pick your dog up from the daycare centre and off the both of you go back home.

Here are 5 reasons as to the importance and benefits of utilising a dog daycare:

  1. Your dog gets to interact with other dogs.

This is vitally important for pack integration, especially if you have a puppy. You see, the many behavioural problems one may see in dogs are due to them being poorly socialised when they were young. By sending yours to a dog daycare, they learn how to interact with other dogs.
  1. Avoid developing anxiety.

Dogs that interact with just their owners and not with other dogs/people are prone to develop anxiety and/or fear biting problems. This is because there is a huge reliance on you (the owner) following which separation anxiety may happen should there be a need for you to be apart from your dog for quite some time. Your dog may become a nervous wreck, which is unfair and unnatural to it as this wouldn’t otherwise be apparent in the wild.
  1. Physical exercise.

With a dog daycare, your pup will get walked at least once a day. Combined that with the time they play with other dogs, you can be sure your four-legged friend is well exercised with no pent up energy stored inside that could be detrimental to its health.
  1. Get trained.

Your dog will get basic training to work on his recall, use of commands and walking on the lead. If you are in the process of training your puppy, this could reinforce its training schedule to keep it on a regular basis.
  1. Protect your home.

Gone are the days where you come back to a messy home. Your dog is off having a great time at a dog daycare, not bored at home chewing off and destroying your furniture, or toileting around your home.

Everything aside, dogs love it! Just like how you’d prefer meeting up with your friends and have a social life, your dog feels the same too. You would want your dog to be happy, so enrol it to a dog daycare centre today.

Mr Woofles is a premium dog daycare centre based in Richmond, Melbourne providing a modern and preferred alternative to kennels. It offers a range of pet services to make your life (and your dog’s) happy and stress free. Services include dog walking, dog boarding, dog daycare and pet feeding – you can rest assured your pup is in good hands you can trust.

Look forward to returning home from work each day to a happy and content dog. Most importantly, save yourself from the stress and worry that is from leaving your dog on its own. A dog daycare will teach your pup to be well socialised and fully integrate with other dogs – you no longer have to worry about separation anxiety and/or aggression behaviour to other dogs.
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