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11 Best Lively Dog Breeds for Runners and Active People

If you like to run, runner dogs can be your best running partner. They are always ready to run with you and never get tired of running with you. Not all dogs are made for running; there are specific breeds that are the best lively dog breed for runners and active people.
Here we will discuss the 11 best dog breeds for runners.

Running with Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is one of the best family dogs, they are very active. So it is not surprising that they are included in this list. Labs are lean and have enough energy to run a 10km distance with their master. They are the perfect adventure companion.

Running with Border Collie

Border collies are famous for their endless energy and highly athletic activities. Previously they worked all day on the farms, so they are very tolerant of activities such as marathon training, ultrarunning, and adventure races.

Running with Brittany Spaniels

Brittany Spaniels are always ready to go outside. They are eager to please, very energetic and intelligent dog breeds. They need more than regular exercise to keep their bodies athletic. When they exercise little, they can become destructive. They can run a marathon, so consider their lifestyle before adopting this pet.

Running with Siberian Husky

Huskies are bred for the sledge, so it is in their nature to run all day. They have endless stamina, and the colder it gets, the better they run. If you live in a very cold area, this breed is made especially for you.

Running with German Shepherd

They are famous all over the world as an all-rounder dog. They are one of the loyal, active, and intelligent dog breeds in the world. Because of their agility and ability to excel, they are used in the military police. They are very easy to train and can run from 5km to a marathon.

Running with English Setter

They can become very dangerous if you don’t exercise them enough. English setters were bred to run all day in the country. They can run up to 5 miles with you without any problem. Make sure to run with them on the roads instead of in the woods.

Running with German Shorthaired Pointer

If you want a true athlete to run with you, the German shorthaired pointer is the best breed for you. They have a lean, muscular body and are excellent dogs for long marathons. They can run more than 10 miles without getting tired.

Running with Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a graceful dog with a proud stature. Its body is made for long, smooth runs. This strong and lean breed will not tire of slow running. After all, they were bred as message carriers, herders, and ambulance dogs.

Running with Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs appear small but can be as fast as a lightning bolt. They were originally bred to chase small prey, and they never tire of running. They are famous for their athleticism, and they like to burn calories. They can run from 5 km to a marathon.

Running with Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are famous for their muscular bodies and a wide grin. They are considered the best running partner due to their great determination. They are also famous as strange repellants, making them a perfect dog for female joggers

Running with Weimaraner

Weimaraners are fantastic running dogs with high hunting skills. They are easy to maintain, full of energy, and have a friendly character. They are considered a perfect running companion due to their nature of running closely with their owner.


If you are an active person and love to run, these breeds can be your best running partner. Dog breeds for runners are not the best for those who cannot meet their exercise needs. and don’t forget to get dog running harness which is gives the flexibility and safety for others.

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