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How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Lifestyle (Quiz)

Adopting a new pet is a big decision, so if you’ve made this big decision, prepare for the financial expenses. There are several factors to consider before choosing a canine. First, examine your lifestyle and the needs of your family before being a dog owner.

Age, breed, size, temperament, and energy level are also essential factors to consider. The following how to choose the right pet quiz will help you choose the right pet and breed for you and your family:

What size of pet are you considering?

If you have decided to have a small or giant pet, then that is okay, or you have a dog for the first time, or you can choose not, then a medium-sized pet is the right choice for you.
For example, small dogs are more sensitive, and large dogs require a lot of space to move. For large dogs, you have to spend more expenses than small ones. Small dogs are susceptible to temperature, so before you have a dog, prepare yourself for all these conditions and situations.

What is your activity level?

If you like to walk, jog or run every day and are primarily physically active, active dog breeds will be a good match for you, such as Husky, Vizsla, or Labrador retriever. But if you are not physically active and prefer to snuggle, then less active breeds of dogs like Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, or Pekingese seem to be your perfect match. Cats are usually solitary wanderers so that they can satisfy their need for activity level on their own.

How often or how much do you travel?

You can have a pet even if you travel regularly and stay away from work or other needs. But during that time, your dog must be approached or cared for by a dog sitter. Cats and other pets can live alone at home, but in the case of a dog, you should appoint a trusted caretaker for your pet.

Does anyone in the house have allergies?

Suffering from allergies does not mean that you cannot have a pet. But you will like to avoid individual animals like long-haired dogs or some cat breeds. So before having a pet in such a state, consult a veterinarian. He will guide you and suggest a perfect companion.

How much time can you spend with your pet?

If you are busy all the time and also have children, adding a puppy to your family will not be a good thing. If you don’t have time for proper care and training of your dog, then the elderly or retired service dog is an excellent option to consider.

What type of partner do you consider for yourself?

If you want to have a companion who likes to hug and always by your side, the dog is the best option for you. Dogs love spending time with their owners.

Get one or more than one?

That will be a relaxing step if your budget, schedule, and home can accommodate two pets so that they can have a company. They can live together even if you aren’t home for several hours.

How much space can you give your pet?

All pets require space to run and play. Large dogs especially need outdoor space. Other pets like rabbits, cats, and pigs love to play and exercise in the garden.

How much can you spend on your pet?

The money you paid to have a pet is just the initial cost. It would help if you also considered premiums for food, toys, equipment, treatment, and insurance.

How much do you know about the pet you want?

Knowing the pet you want is important. The experience of the people and the advice of the vet should be taken into account. It will be beneficial to you before having a pet.

How is your life going?

That is not a good time to have a pet if you suffer from mental stress or fatigue. You can have a pet when you think your life is well established. It is suitable for both of you before adopting a dog; especially, it was from playful types of dogs.

Are you willing to bring the pet back?

Pet adoption experts always try to do their best to match pets to owners; it doesn’t still work. For example, you could end up with a hyperactive dog due to his high level of activity. In this case, you should consider taking the pet back to the shelter.

What about the grooming of your pet?

If you own Afghan hounds, adorable poodles, or any other long curly-haired breed, you should consider their hair maintenance. Hair maintenance can cost up to $ 80 and needs to repeat after a few months.

Are pets allowed in your place of residence?

Many apartment administrations and rental communities restrict the facility to have a pet, so you should check with owners before purchasing a pet.

How smart would you like your pet to be?

Intelligent pets pick up on the signals given by the owner very quickly, and this could be fun and enjoyable. But smart pets get bored when they are not challenged enough, so before you get a pet, prepare to meet their needs.

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