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Cat Litter Scoop Buyer Guide

Owning a cat can be pretty fun but cleaning up after them is not such an enjoyable activity. However, cats have a pretty strong smell and require their surroundings, including the litter box, to be at a satisfying hygiene level.
And because of this, you – my friend will scoop every day.Luckily, choosing the best cat litter scoop can make the task a little more convenient. So instead of using the old kitchen utensil, let’s look at some of the features you should look for in a cat litter scooper, along with our top pick!
Let’s dive in!

Cat Litter Scoop Buyer Guide

Short Handle vs. Long Handle

Scoopers with short handles offer better precision. They are more durable as well, with less risk of breaking. However, a shorter handle means you will be required to bend down more, which can be a killer for muscles and bones – especially if you already have a health issue.
On the other hand, a long handle cat litter scooper means no more bending over. It also keeps you an arm’s length away from the dust and pet’s stench. But unfortunately, these types of handles break easily. They also offer less accuracy in collecting litter and require frequent scooping to get the work done.

Plastic vs. Metal

In comparison, plastic scoopers are affordable and available in a variety of colors and designs. They are flexible and easy to manage, as well.
The designs vary in metal cat scoopers as well, from the full metal body to plastic, mainly in the handles. Non-stick Teflon coating is also available in some metal scoopers that make scooping pretty neat, especially if you handle multiple cats.

The Size and Shape

The size and shape of the scooper is the most important feature to look for. Go for a large scooper, and you will have trouble cleaning the corners. But a small scooper will make scooping more of a chore than it already is.
Exotic shape scoopers are also not ideal for the job and are trouble to store as well.

Hole Size and Shape

Interestingly, the shape and size of the hole matter when it comes to scooping efficiency. It is also dependent on the type of litter you are using. For example, litter that clumps require a scooper with bigger holes, but a non-clumping variety will do well with a scooper with small holes to ensure that you pick up every little part.

Health Risks

Although many brands claim their product to be dishwasher safe, we highly recommend not putting your scooper in the dishwasher. This is because cat feces contain all types of toxins that can be very dangerous to the wellbeing of humans.
Due to this reason, we also suggest wearing gloves every time you are scooping the litter. Pregnant women should avoid it altogether as their risk of contamination is higher than any other fellow being. It is also suggested that you use warm water and a high-quality detergent to clean the scooper at all times. Cooking oil spray also works miraculously in cleaning the scooper and enhances its longevity.

Our Top Pick – Lifter Lifter

We came across this scooper during our experiments of choosing the best cat litter scoop and were surprised with the best results. It is ultimately one of the best in the market and ticks off most of the required qualities in a cat scooper.
For starters, it is made from plastic. But not any low-grade plastic but a high-quality one that is durable and sturdy for continuous use.
The peaked blades are another feature that we liked tremendously in this cat scooper. Instead of holes, it comes with peaked blades that ensure litter does not get caught between the lines. There is also a perfect space between the blades so you can easily collect the feces and allow the remaining litter to pass through for future use.
It is easy to store too, and you can conveniently hang it anywhere, thanks to the hook hole provided on the scooper. Available in a variety of colors, the Lifter Lifter is an ideal choice for those choosing the best cat litter scooper. It is one of a kind and will be an asset to cat owners all over the world.

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