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The Green Revolution: Modern Pet Ownership

From the first domesticated wolves, all the way to 2021, hounds and humans have remained as solid companions. But throughout history, the way we look after our dogs has changed. What does it mean to be a modern pet owner? With the eco revolution on the minds of most of us, it seems like all routes lead back to nature. Here are some ideas for having a green future with your furry friend.

Pet Parenting

Modern pet ownership is becoming increasingly like parenting. We nurture our animals from very young, guiding their development into fully established members of the household. As part of our family, it’s important then that we give our dogs the best in life, in the greenest way possible. Thinking of yourself as an eco-warrior pet parent is a contemporary take on canine companionship. It means taking the time to consider both the psychological and physical wellbeing of your four-footed companion as well as the carbon footprint of these choices. With dog ownership on the rise, a new pet is a great opportunity for exploring new sustainable options that care for them and the planet.

Reducing Stress

As our modern lives become increasingly hectic, it’s so important we don’t impart these daily stresses on to our animals. There are lots of ways we can reduce anxiety for our pets. Dog toys are a great way to keep our animals occupied and their minds stimulated, as well as being great for bonding with them. In addition, herbal food supplements can help to keep our dogs calm.

The Herbal Revival

There are lots of schemes you can join at veterinary centres that keep your dog healthy. But increasingly, owners are looking more toward natural remedies to make sure their canines are fighting fit. There are plenty of food herbal food supplements that can aid the physical health of your dog. These natural remedies are free from harmful chemicals and are more environmentally friendly than more processed medications. From joint care to tooth care, there’s a plant-based curative for any doggy ailment.

(Note: for serious concerns about the health of your dog, please see a vet for a professional diagnosis).

An eco-friendly Diet

It’s so important that we think about the environmental impact of our pets. Whilst it’s clear that for humans, opting to go meat-free is the best way to make everyday decisions that mitigate climate change, many pet owners are considering vegan and vegetarian diets for their dogs. PETA also recommends meatless meals for our pets as a beneficial alternative to commercial pet food. If you’re interested in making the switch, check out the eco-friendly dog products from Wild Thought.

With an ecological emergency on our hands, the modern pet owner needs to think green.

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