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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Most of the time, new pet owners are confused about how frequently they need to wash their pooch. At other times, they worry that they might not be doing enough for their pet. So if you are a pet owner and have some questions, you are not alone.

I will answer the most questions you have for dog bathing like brushing the coats and rinse the ears to do dog grooming like a professional groomer.

First of all:

Should I Bathe Dog?

There have been different claims regarding the frequency of baths with varying time ranging from weekly to monthly, and to never dog wash.

However, there is no single answer to this question as it is dependent on variables such as the skin condition, length of hair, lifestyle, and the dog breed. Let us check them one by one:

  1. Health

Some dogs suffering from certain skin diseases or a parasite situation would require more frequent baths and pampering. That is regardless of whether they lead an active lifestyle or are high maintenance breeds.

If your pup has any skin problem, you should see your vet for proper treatment. You may also invest in a medicated dog shampoo and conditioner to eliminate unwanted parasites on the coat. Also, they keep the skin from drying.

  1. Amount of hair

Contrary to popular belief, pet experts have discovered that certain short-haired dog breeds require more care than some long-coated breeds. So long hairs do not always mean regular baths. Similarly, short hairs do not excuse washes.

However, it’s best to know what category your short or long coated pup fits into before you set a grooming routine. Like Chinese Crested, Collie, and Maltese, you have to bathe them weekly basis. Meanwhile, Retrievers, Huskies, and Akitas don’t need more than 1 per month or 2 months.

  1. Lifestyle and Breed

One would expect that more active breeds like the Shepherd dog would require a bath more often than less active ones. While in actual cases, some canines who spend their time on laps and couches need to be washed more often. It’s all about the breed.

However, for a dog that lives a moderately active lifestyle, anything more than weekly is too much.

Can I bathe the dog with flea shampoo?

When you notice that your dog has a flea situation, the logical thing to do is take the necessary steps to get rid of it. Just as the name implies, flea shampoos are specific in action against all life forms of the flea. And unlike spot-on treatments that may be too harsh on your dog’s skin, flea shampoo is mild and equally as effective with a non-slicker brush.

But bear in mind that they only eliminate fleas present at the time of bathe and not after. Therefore, a constant anti-flea skincare regimen is recommended for maximum results. To obliterate otherwise, it will be itchy and do irritation overtime. Besides, taking the water out of puppy ears is preferred to be without using an electric dryer, it will be painful for the animals generally.

Grooming experts claim that a healthy dog hardly ever needs washing unless it is necessary. The reason being—the coat of hair (or fur) on a dog contains natural oil or sebum. That acts as a protective barrier on the skin and can be stripped off by overzealous washing.

How many times should you bathe your dog?

It depends on the coat hair length of your dog; the long hair of the dog needs more grooming and bathes once per month, at least.
And it would help if you took care of drying your puppy every time to avoid fungus, especially in winter, it will be better to expose it to the sun within the first 24 hours from grooming time.


However, as earlier stated, more care is required for dogs suffering from skin problems like scaling or dandruff. Again, remember moderation is critical and, unless recommended for dog baths, less is more!

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