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5 Rules and Tips for Successful Vizsla Puppies Training

How to train a vizsla puppy?

Have you just added another family member to your pet household? Are you wondering how to train your four-legged companion? Well, the good news is that you have opted for one of the most intelligent dog breeds. So don’t worry regarding Vizsla puppies training.

Vizslas are adorable and incredibly-loving family dogs that thrive on being a part of an affectionate family. They are very smart, ambitious, involved, and devoted furry pets. If you succeed in gaining their trust, they will present the best example of faithfulness.

When it comes to Vizsla puppies training, many pet owners find it difficult. Vizslas have keen and observant behavior, which makes it challenging to train them properly. But fear not, as there are some secret rules for Vizsla puppies training sessions fits its temperament. These golden rules not only ensure successful training, but it will be a source of fun for your pup.

Before train your dog, we recommend starting obedience commands as a puppy to make it playful easier or if it’s a dog to be on a leash to his collar. Let’s begin!

#1/5 – Set a Training Time

Vizslas tend to get upset and irritated when forced to do something (this behavior is more common in puppies). Setting a fixed time for the training session will prevent both of you from getting bored. Vizsla puppies are quite punctual, and if you are punctual as well, the training sessions will be more fun and more comfortable for the canine.

Before you pick any training time, keep the following things in mind:

  • Notice when the dog is most active
  • Notice when he is drained out of energy
  • Notice when he is feeling sad or wants your attention
Study your dog’s behavior for a week and then make a decision. The ideal training time is when your friend is full of energy and interested in playing with you.

#2/5 – Make a Perfect Environment

To ensure that your Vizsla Puppies Training is going perfectly, make a comfortable environment where he enjoys the training. Any distraction in the surrounding can be a big hurdle in the training regime. An environment plays a pivotal role in Vizsla Puppies Training.

The best practice is to specify a room for the training, and when it’s time for his training session, make a loud sound or call your Vizsla’s name. He will come to you, wagging his tail. The moment he enters the room, offer him a treat. It can be his favorite chew or toy as well. Repeat this routine, and one day, you will find him in the room (before you call him.) That’s interesting. Isn’t it?

#3/5 – Bond with Your Vizsla

A strong bonding can result in quick and effective Vizsla puppies training. A weaker connection can badly impact the training sessions. Vizsla is a loving breed, and if treated nicely, they do everything to win their owner’s heart.
The best and easiest way to engage with them is cuddling now and then. Make them feel happy, and enjoy the time he spends with you. Every puppy has unique interests. Make them feel special, and you can expect a similar response from your furry companion.

#4/5 – Eye to Eye Contact

The fourth on our list of successful Vizsla puppy training tips is the eye contact. That is a basic rule for every home trainer, but most of them ignore their importance.

If you want to be the boss, make eye contact with your pup. Make sure you have your Vizsla’s full attention while teaching disciplines. Get your Vizsla’s eye-to-eye contact to make a strong point; it sometimes involves keeping his muzzle straight.

We all have heard “actions speak louder than words,” so instead of yelling the cue word over and over, try using finger actions. Believe it, these are more understandable for any Vizsla puppy.

Note: Excess of using actions can scare your dog and or even cause behavior issues. Employ this rule only when your pal is doing something wrong or isn’t listening to you.

#5/5 – Train your Vizsla One at a Time

If you have more than one Vizsla puppies, we recommended training them one by one. Collective training can be chaotic and probably hurt a puppy’s self-esteem, primarily when you treat one and the other one is not.

However, all puppies must keep them under human supervision. That ensures equal love for all, and they don’t develop any rivalry among them. The greater the number of dogs you own, the more you should be as a trainer. Vizslas expect undivided attention from their owners, especially in the puppyhood.

Wrapping Up!

Training a Vizsla puppy is not the same as the rest of the dogs. Their unique behavior, fun-style, and love for the owners can do wonders for both of you. If you add the above rules to your next training session, you will be startled to see a significant change in your puppy’s behavior. Happy Vizsla puppies Training!

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