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The Comprehensive Collie VS Border Collie Puppy Comparison

Are you interested in buying a puppy and confused between Collie and Border Collie? Sharing the same name “Collie” doesn’t mean they both are the same. They are the most popular breeds having very different personalities. You may be thinking about which one is the right companion for you: the friendly and loyal Collie or the intelligent and high-energy Border Collie?

In this Collie VS Border Collie Puppy comparison, we will look at both breeds and their characteristics in detail so that you can make the right decision about your puppy. and this information has been acquired from doglizerSpanish pet sitefrench pet site


Based on the most popular version of the origin of pets, both the Border Collie and Collie first appeared in the regions on Scotland and Britain’s border. They share the same history. The area they belong to served as the name of the breed. Therefore, their main task was to graze the sheep so that they did not stray from the flock.


Collie has two varieties: the long-haired and the short-haired collie.
In most of countries, collies with long hair are better known. The following parameters characterize them:
  • Harmonious addition
  • A strong dry type of constitution
  • Light noble movements
  • Long narrow head
  • Scissor bite
  • Almond-shaped eyes, giving the muzzle a special cunning expression.
Hair colors are tricolor, red: from light to sable, and marble. Particular importance is attached to white markings: for any color, a white-collar is required, white socks or golfs on the paws are desirable, a white tip of the tail, and a white blaze on the muzzle.
Collie’s ears are small, triangular in shape, in the end, about 1/3 of the ear is bent forward. The tail is saber-shaped, lowered down in a calm state.Border Collie Puppy: The coat is of two types – moderately long or short, and it is not too smooth or shaggy. The topcoat is of medium density and softness, with a well-developed undercoat. The Fur protects the puppy from bad weather, repels moisture, and does not catch dirt.
Border Colie Puppy can have any color, including specks on white areas, tan marks, and brindle variations.
The most common in the description of the breed:

  • Black and white;
  • Black and red (any shade);
  • Chocolate;
  • Marble.
According to the appearance, both types are attractive and cute. You can select the color that appeals to you.


Collie: These good-natured dogs are loyal to their owner and adapt to his/her lifestyle. In families with children, collies take on the functions of a caring nanny, a cheerful friend, and a protector for children.Border Collie Puppy can create an atmosphere of special comfort and joy in the house. The breed is very responsible; you can not be afraid to leave children under its supervision.
The Border Collie has a developed sense of smell, sight, and instinct. Useful qualities have been consolidated through artificial selection for hundreds of years, so choosing a dog as a watchdog – you will not go wrong. It is recommended to have a Border Collie for those families who often spend time outside the home, lead an active lifestyle.

Note: Both collie and border collie in apartment is a good choice especially for youth people.


Collies try to avoid conflicts with strangers and other animals, but they can give a worthy rebuff to the enemy if necessary. Modern collies perfectly show guarding, searching, and herding abilities. They are an excellent companion for humans. After a special training course, they become professional guides for the blind.The Border Collie has an affectionate and cheerful disposition. The breed can be playful and very attentive at the same time. The breed overpowers and dominates other pets, as a result of which conflicts can occur.


Collie has an active and polite temperament. They are always ready to play and run, react vividly to everything that happens around them, train, and have excellent memory.The Border Collie remains polite towards strangers but will behave distantly until he is sure of safety. If the guests begin to argue with the household and raise their tone, then the puppy may try to drive strangers out of the apartment. Owner protection is the main postulate in pet behavior.


Collie has a too trusting and loving heart to treat it only as a prestigious dog. Buy a collie when you are sure that you are ready to devote a lot of time to your dog and give love and care. It is more like your friend than a protector.A border collie dog is a treasure trove of energy. That’s why people like this breed. The dog can be safely entrusted with the protection of the house or apartment and property.
Now the choice between the Collie and Border Collie puppy depends on your lifestyle and needs.

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