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How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing?

When you have pets (especially pups), you can be sure you will enjoy lots of exciting activities. I’m sure you do ’t like to take it for a vet dentist (they are rare to find and expensive). Besides, doing dental procedures under general anesthesia is not easy to dog for just scaling and remove plaque to treat bleeding gums as an example of a small issue may you face.

In the meantime, you may not like brushing your dog teeth as a traditional method to clean plaque from dog teeth. It isn’t the only way. There are several alternative ways to clean dog teeth that are not only effective but enjoyable for dogs too to prevent cavities and have healthy teeth and gums.

How much to get dogs teeth cleaned?

there are no recommendations say to brush daily or weekly, that’s why much better to follow the methods mentioned below.
In this article, we will share how to keep dog teeth clean to avoid gum disease and dental plaque without having to use a brush. Needless to say that most of the products needed for this exercise are everyday dog accessories often frequently overlooked.


Talk about fun cleaning! The plaque and tartar would come off with every chew. Your dog would enjoy this one. There are several types of specially made treats to clean teeth with specific features designed for plaque removal. It is simple, and your pup does all the work. However, you might need to watch out for the extra calories.

Dental Sprays 

Another way to clean dog teeth without brushing is the use of sprays. It involves a simple method in which you apply the spray on your dog’s teeth and gum—making sure to let it reach the hard-to-clean areas in the dog mouth. Sprays are effective teeth cleaning products as they help to remove bad breath and also soften hard tartar on dog teeth.

Baking Soda

That is one of the cheapest methods to clean the dog’s teeth as it is a commonly used household item. You can remove tartar around the gum line with baking soda by adding water and making it into a paste. That would be gently applied using a soft gauze to brush off unwanted materials and harmful bacteria from your dog’s teeth.

Dental Wipes

That is a great way to train your dog to get used to your finger and several other foreign objects. In this method, you wrap the wipe around your forefinger while you gently clean your dog’s mouth. Dental wipes are formulated to get rid of bad breath and bacteria that cause tooth decay. And while it may not do much scraping on plaque and tartar, continuous use can help improve your dog’s overall dental health.

Raw Bones

You most certainly are aware that bones are excellent sources of calcium. But do you know that they could be plaque removers? Gnawing at raw bones by dogs is the most natural means of getting their teeth cleaned without human help. It is an effortless way to scrape off tartar at home. Bones are tasty. And dogs with bones are fun to watch.
Want to throw in some excitement in your teeth cleaning routine? Throw your pup a real meat bone! However, be sure it is uncooked to minimize splinters and cracks that can injure your dog.


Adequate dental hygiene is not only ensured by brushing. There are several easy, exciting, and equally great ways to get rid of plaque on a dog’s teeth. However, brushing shouldn’t be removed from your dog’s cleaning regimen if you are to ensure its all-round dental protection.

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