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Top 6 Reasons Jumping Spiders Make Perfect Pets

There are interesting reasons why jumping spider as pet indeed make thak an ideal pet, and its not only because they are easy to find and incredibly cute!

Jumping spiders remain one of the fascinating creatures to keep as pets and have shot up in popularity in the past few years.

Despite their small size, these creatures are amazingly intelligent to the extent you’ll get so much enjoyment and opportunities to learn more about them and nature at large.

The popular species often kept as pets worldwide are species belonging to the phidippus genus or phids as they’re called. They originated from North America. These are relatedly large and easy to maintain. These spiders are mostly within 5mm to 18mm long and though poisonous but not to humans (just for their prey). This makes having them as a pet is low risk.

Furthermore, it’s amazing to always look at them, mostly because of their ability to move very fast.  They’re not known to disturb. So, if you are not squeamish when it comes to spiders, you’ll really have a good time keeping them as a pet.

jumping spider

Reasons jumping spiders make perfect pets

Inexpensive to maintain

It takes next to nothing to feed and take care of them, just that you’ve to be careful, so they do not jump out and escape as you open their enclosure. You just need a small compartment to keep them and no significant needs when compared to other pets. Their enclosure will depend on the specie you decide to have as your pet. However, the jumping spider does not require a large enclosure to stay in, so you won’t be concerned about spending a substantial price to make any purchase. These jumping spiders will immediately relish small insects when dropped in their enclosure, consuming them quite rapidly.

They’re great dancers

In case you do not know, jumping spiders are excellent dancers, especially males when they want to get a female’s attention. Usually, the dancing stepping involves them beating their abdomens directly on the ground; then their legs lifted up in the air. Also, they tap their feet so quickly on the ground, but if you’re not observant, it won’t be easy to catch a glimpse of it. These are just the basics of their dance. But the male peacock spider ups its dancing game by using a brightly colored extension (fan-like in nature) to woo its potential mates. They usually wave it around as he taps and stomps.

Quiet and Isolated Creatures

If you compare other pets like dogs, cats, birds, or other creatures people use as pets, you’ll discover they need a lot of care to handle them. But, jumping spiders are known as isolated creatures, and they’re silent when kept on their own. You won’t notice them making unnecessary noise as other pets do during the day or night. This attribute makes the jumping spider one of the best creatures to keep as pets, especially for people who want to maintain peace in their house and do not want any disturbances from their pets.

Active and Alert

You’ll enjoy the company of a jumping spider because of its activeness and alertness. They’re enjoyable to keep. They do not sit motionless in their web; instead, you’ll notice them prowling within their enclosure. They prefer to jump around many times as possible at their length rather than just walk. The jumping spider’s vision is excellent compared to other spiders that wait on their web. Hence, watching their activities is very fascinating.

Thrilling to Observe

Another reason you might want to keep a jumping spider as a pet is that you’ll enjoy observing them. Each species of jumping spiders has its uniqueness. For instance, some are agile, quick, create many webs, some have burrowing needs, which makes them very delicate in nature. Considering all these factors, it becomes exhilarating just to observe a jumping spider as it goes through its life.


A female is more preferable if you intend to buy a jumping spider. This is because they tend to live longer when compared to the male species. Majority of the male spiders survive for just a few years, but the female can live as long as 20 to 25 years.

In Conclusion

Jumping spiders are great and fun to keep as pets, especially for their activeness. Whether it is when trailing its prey at mealtimes or quickly jumping off a vantage point, the truth is that there is no dull moment with a jumping spider. So, if you’re looking for a pet to keep, you might consider a jumping spider.

Frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to keep Jumping spiders as pets?

Jumping spiders are really an enjoyable pet to keep. They’re brilliant, and with time when they get to know you, the interaction will be improved. You don’t need to worry about being bitten. You just need to handle them gently.

Jumping spiders tend to be so cute. Why is that?

Like other spiders, jumping spiders has eight legs, but their unique way makes them unique and cute. For instance, their most giant forward-facing eyes are more significant than others, making others look small. This gives them a look of perpetual surprise.

Is it possible for jumping spiders to spot their owners?

Yes, it’s possible. These species of spiders are very intelligent. When their new owners continue to come around, jumping spiders have good eyesight and the memory to recognize their owner. To a large extent, they know you’re a being and a moving surface they can easily walk on.

Do jumping spiders know when you’re actually looking at them?

Jumping spiders has good eyesight. This makes them see most objects or movements clearly. As you’re looking at them, you’ll notice they follow your movement.

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