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Ethical Methods About How To Keep Cats Away

If you plan to have an adorable and independent pet, the cat may be the best option for you. Cats have proven to be a great pet and can welcome you to their company at home.

It is also seen that having many cats or a stray cat in your residence can be a nuisance. If you are not the one who loves cats wandering inside the house or there are so many cats in your home or annoying stray cats, then you can alleviate this problem by using some of the simple techniques given below, and you can regain your territory.

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Here we will discuss two of the main methods that will help you keep cats away from your territory, which are:

  • Take away food and shelter.
  • Use repellants
In this article, we will discuss both methods one by one.

Method 1:  Take away food and shelter

First of all, to keep cats away from your residence, you need to take the following steps:

Keep trash safe

Usually, the outdoor cat or of your neighbor is drawn to your territory in search of food. Although not attractive to humans, but any old garbage or trash can be the place around your home, and a cat may find it an attractive and loving food source.
Always make sure garbage bins are safe and closed, this will prevent cats from using them as a food source, and you will also get rid of cats. You can do the following things such as
  • Securely fit the lid of the garbage container and make sure the box is out of the reach of cats.
  • Always keep all garbage in the garbage container that is secured.

Talk to your neighbors.

If you do not want to allow or welcome the presence of stray cats on your property, then you should speak to your neighbors for assistance so that you can resolve this issue.

When you talk to your neighbor about the cat problem, this will help you find out why you are facing cat problems, and you will be able to solve them with your neighbor. With the help of your neighbor, you can solve the problems of stray cats.
If you have too many cats in your territory or neighborhood, working with your neighbor is helpful. You can make your area unattractive to cats. Here are some ways, such as:

  • That may be because your neighbor is leaving garbage or other food sources outside that attract cats. In this case, ask your neighbor to keep litter out of the cat’s reach and not feed the strays so you can help reduce and lessen their problems.
  • Ask your neighbors to find any shelter, open porch, or old barn that stray cats use for protection at their place. Ask them to seal the spot to ease your problem.

Block all access points leading to the shelter.

Cats also need shelter like all other animals. Cats may be drawn to your property because they have found a sleeping spot for themselves. So if you block all entry points to protected areas, cats will no longer be able to get to that place. That will also make your property less attractive to all the cats that may be passing by.
  • Seal all gaps and narrow holes.
  • Make sure you have fenced off all areas under a deck or porch.

Use fences around problem areas

If you get to know the particular area that stray cats use to enter your property and cause problems for you, then fence off that area to keep cats out of your territory. It will be difficult for the cat to climb under or over the fence to stay away.
Here are some tips that can keep the stray cats away:
  • Your gardens should be fenced because the cat can use them as a litter box.
  • The fences should be angled outward to make it difficult for the cat to climb over the fence.
  • Easy to build and for an affordable fence, use chicken wire.

Method 2: Using Repellents

Use commercial cat repellants.

You can purchase a commercial cat repellent to make your territory unattractive to cats. Commercial cat repellants leave behind an odor that cats don’t like and try to avoid, so by applying them, you can keep cats away from your home.

Try to use natural scents or repellants to keep cats away.

If you don’t like using commercial cat repellants or are allergic to them, you can also use natural or homemade cat repellants. You can try applying some natural repellants around your residence, patio, and garden to keep cats away from your property. Here is the list of some feral cats repellants, so that you can choose one of them to solve your problem:
  • Garlic
  • Citronella
  • Dog urine
  • Citrus spray
  • Lavender

How to keep cats away from your yard?

Install motion-activated sprinklers

It is a well-known fact that cats hate water and avoid getting wet. Placing motion-activated sprinklers or running water fountains at your garden entrance will help keep cats away from your spot.

After installing these sprinklers every time a cat approaches, these sprinklers will spray water to prevent the cat from getting into your property.

Make use of ultrasonic devices.

As we all know, the sound emitted by the ultrasonic device is beyond the hearing range of humans. Cats can hear ultrasound, and they don’t like it. Cats avoid hearing that ultrasonic tone. Therefore, by placing an ultrasonic device in your garden, you will be able to keep cats away from your garden.

You have to move that ultrasonic device near the areas where cats like to go, like in the garden.

Protect flower beds and plants

Cats like to use the garden, flowers, or plants as a litter box. If the cat uses your garden as a litter box, you definitely won’t like that act because this can destroy the plants you are trying to grow.

The steps you will take to save the plants and flowers in your yard will also help you keep cats out of your yard. Here are some steps that you should follow:

  • To make the garden uncomfortable for cats, you need to add cedar mulch, stone mulch, or pinecones to your garden.
  • Install the wire netting under the soil and on the surface of the garden.

Install a deterrent fence

The fence will deter all unwanted cats out of your yard; I recommend it because it is the most humane repel that makes your garden cat poop odors free.

How to keep cats off counters?

The cat loves the height, and the counter also contains the smell of food; that’s why the cats try to climb the counter. You can keep cats off the counter in different ways, such as:
  • Using sticky tapes on the counter
  • Using clicker training
  • Eliminate the chair or jumping spot

Does vinegar keep cats away?

Actually, yes, but you must follow the following method:
  • Get fresh ginger and grind or puree it, and then soak it with lukewarm water for at least an hour.
  • Now you have a ginger-soaked solution that you can pour over the entire fence, and you will never see cats approaching it.
  • But the problem with this method is that you have to repeat it every two days.

How to keep cats away from car?

It’s the easiest case because you can do that by repellent spray or pepper spray. You can spray a little every night on the upper side and lower side of the front glass.
Usually, in the hot summer, cats love to stay above cars to feel colder, but in this way, they will look for another vehicle, believe me.

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