Piglet, Hamster

$ 45
Exotic Animal Species
11 Year(s)
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Local Pickup
CASH ONLY I am in Lake Forest Park, Shorline. He is a hamster named Piglet. You can change his name if you want but he kinda responds to Piglet! :) he is VERY VERY nice and he never bites anyone. He has never bitten me. Males are better than Females. He is the best hamster i have ever had and im sad to see him go. :( I suggest you get him instead of any other hamster because be is so furry and just so cute! He comes with his wire cage, water bowl, food bowl, food, treats, 2 wheels, hide away, pink bedding, purple/ multi color bedding, a ball to roll around in, (at first he doesnt roll around in it much but then after a few minutes he rolls around like a cheeta! Just try not to hold him in the first week or so, so be can get used to the smell of you and his Surroundings. He comes with everything in all the pictures. He can escape if you dont close and hear it click all the way so be careful! :) And you can never get this much stuff for this cheap! Usually these cages alone are as much as everything right here! Its a great opportunity to get a pet you have never had before! :)
Jan 15, 2021
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United States
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