Pure Bred Miniature Blue Heeler Male (3), Dogs and Puppies

$ 500
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Pure Bred Miniature Blue Heeler Male (3)
Australian Cattle Dog
6 Week(s)
THIS BOY HAS the darkest blue coloring of the litter, contrasted so beautifully by his nearly all white tail and the white in his forehead. Add to this his large left patch and gorgeous ears and you have another show stopper! He, like all his siblings is very active, loving, and anxious to please. When he is full grown he should weigh about 35 pounds. Also, he is very happy and loves life!

THIS PUP’S MOTHER BELLA, is an exceptional bitch. Her temperament, intelligence, conformation, coloring, markings, loyalty, and desire to please are all near perfect. She is three years old (born June 2016), weighed 38 pounds before puppies, and this is her first litter. The father (I have no picture) weighs about 42 pounds and is a lighter blue than Bella. He is a full time working dog – herding cattle and horses daily. I chose him to mate with Bella because he, too, is a very outstanding Blue Heeler. He is almost the same size, his coloring and markings are beautiful, has great conformation, and his temperament, like Bella's, is ideal.

WE FIRST STARTED RAISING BLUE HEELERS in the mid 1970s when my late husband and I fell in love with the breed, then called Queensland Blue Heelers. All my puppies are descended from Posey, the best bitch ever. She is extremely intelligent, beautiful, intensely loyal, and weighs in at 28 pounds. Watching her sprint and do acrobatics is like watching a symphony in motion. She is truly an original, old-fashioned small Blue Heeler. As for the puppies, for the first two weeks the pup nursery is in my large country kitchen. Then they graduate to a 10' by 30' deck, with daily jaunts in the yard for wrestling in the grass.
At six weeks old they are ready for their new homes and are eating both canned and dry food. They are well adjusted socially and it is in their nature to become excellent companions. Please keep in mind that this breed REQUIRES both the space and the opportunity for vigorous daily exercise.
Jun 24, 2019
United States
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