4 Beautiful Shih Tzu puppies 3 males 1 female, Dogs and Puppies

$ 800
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4 Beautiful Shih Tzu puppies 3 males 1 female
Shih Tzu
11 Week(s)
Beautiful Shih Tzu puppies born on January 4th. The last picture is of the day they were born, the other pictures are them at 2 months. Both of their parents are full blooded Shih Tzu. There are 3 males, and 1 female. The female is white, with brown spots. The female is $1,000, the 3 males are $800 each. For the first 6 weeks of their lives, I played soft relaxing music for them as they slept, and kept them and their mother in a very comfortable environment. This has helped to give them a mild temperament, with no visible anxieties. At about 7 weeks, we gave them lots of human interactions, which involved my wife and kids and I playing with them so they feel completely natural around humans. All they want in life now is your attention, and to be in your lap while you touch them. I have also given them an hour of alone time from their siblings each day so they feel more comfortable once they are purchased and taken to your home. We trained them to go potty out doors along with their parents. They are still very young, so there are obviously accidents. But they know to try and wait till they are out doors to do their business. They spend 95% of their time indoors, mainly because of the weather. But on nice days I let them play outside in our back yard. I have walked them all with a lead on occasion so that they can adapt to it. But this has been limited by the weather. All of them performed great and had no reservations about being walked. They are all very healthy and perfect specimens of their breed. I have taken great effort in raising them to be great dogs, as I have had experience doing this for many years. I am sure they will be your perfect companion, and you will love them as much as I love their parents.
Mar 23, 2019
United States
Kansas City
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