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Russell Terrier Dog Breed

The Russell Terrier is a working dog breed developed in Australia (although it originated from England) to hunt foxes. They are predominately white-coated and have a strong hunting drive with which they effectively track their prey underground.

They were bred from the much more significant, similarly fox-hunting Jack Russell Terrier, and together they share the name of the late clergyman, Jack Russell.

The Russell Terrier is a popular companion breed in the United States, generally loved for its compact size, intelligence, and even temperament.


Intelligent; acquired from a long prey-hunting history
Confident; he has an effortless gait and carriage
Energetic; it takes a lot to get him tired


The Russell Terrier is a stocky, short-legged, and compact working dog with a height of about 10 to 12 inches.
They have a distinctive rectangular (slightly longer than tall) build, which sets them apart from other Russell Terrier breeds.
The eyes are dark, almond-shaped, and portray a keen intelligence.
Russell Terriers are mostly white with either black or tan markings. They may appear in three distinct coat types and can be grouped as; Smooth-coated Russell Terriers, Rough-coated Russell Terriers, and Broken-coated Russell Terriers.


The Russell Terrier is high on energy and intensity and not a couch-potato. He enjoys outdoor games or physical activities like hiking, biking, jogging, or walking. Experienced Russell Terrier owners make it a point always to keep their puppy engaged because a tired Russell Terrier is a well-behaved one.
The compact size and limitless energy of the Russell Terrier make him a great companion dog and play buddy for kids. He isn’t known to tire easily and would keep up with every game or prank. However, never leave any dog unsupervised with a child.
Because of his hunting drive, the Russell Terrier is naturally alert and always on guard. Therefore you’re likely to see your Russell Terrier going off after the smaller animals he sees as prey.


Due to an inherent desire to chase after things, Russell Terriers should never be unleashed when going on walks or in a public place.
They need to be exercised every day for 30 to 60 minutes
Regardless of the coat-type, Russell Terriers are easy to groom. Weekly brushing of the coat will keep it looking great and healthy.
Also, keep up a routine of regular teeth brushing, nails trimming, and ears cleaning to maintain all-round hygiene for your dog.

If you intend to add this breed of dogs to your family member. You can find adorable Russell Terrier puppies for sale near you

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