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Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

The Labrador Retriever, or Lab, is a working dog who takes his job very seriously. The dog breed was developed in Newfoundland, Canada, to serve as companion dogs and game-retrievers for hunters. They were exceptionally skilled in retrieving lost fishes for local fishers during fishing expeditions. Today, as one of America’s most popular dog breeds, Labs are content as family companions who have a big heart full of love and devotion for everyone that comes along.


Intelligent: they excel much in obedience competitions

Active: they’re bursting with energy and intensity

Friendly: they get along well with everyone—even the felines!


Labrador Retrievers have a muscular and squarely built frame, that is, their length and height are approximately equal. They weigh between 55 to 80 pounds while they stand at 21 or 22 inches.

The broadhead sports a medium-sized muzzle, brown or hazel eyes lined with black, ears that hang close to the head, and a strong jaw.

The water-resistant coat is short, dense, and available in black, yellow, and chocolate colors only.


Labrador Retrievers have devoted companion dogs who want nothing more than to serve their families throughout their lives. They are faithful and good-natured, usually comfortable with just staying close by their human side.

Labs have an all-round affectionate nature that is amazing. Aside from the fact that they adore their families, they also get along well with other dogs and pets.

Labrador Retrievers are loving and quick to make new friends. Their sweet nature makes them unfit for guard duties as a Lab is more likely to welcome a stranger rather than bark at him.

As a sporting breed, Labs are brimming with energy. They love dog sports and do great in agility and obedience competitions. Also, as a working dog breed, Labs are happiest when given a job to do. You can ask him to retrieve a discarded item, fetch a ball, or reach for something high—anything to keep him from being bored or getting restless.


Because of their high energy and intensity levels, Labs require a large area of living space (like a fenced yard) to thrive.

Also, Labs need to be physically and mentally stimulated for about 30 to 60 minutes every day to keep them in excellent health conditions.

Although Labrador Retrievers are prone to shedding, caring for their coat is relatively easy. Brush your dog every day to remove dead hair and keep the coat looking tidy and sleek.

If you intend to add this breed of dogs to your family member. You can find adorable Labrador Retriever puppies for sale near you

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