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Pomeranian Dog Breed

Are you looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale? The small whirlwinds do not impress with their size but with friendliness, self-confidence, and energy. So it’s no wonder they are conquering the hearts and households of numerous dog lovers. Keep on reading to discover more about the Pomeranian dog breed.

The Pomeranian, affectionately called Pom, is so adorable in his lush, beautiful coat. He is charming, cute, and sweet. However, don’t be fooled; this dog can get away with anything you let him get away with it. He’s intelligent, with a mind of his own.

Despite his size, the Pom has a bark that says, “I’m a big dog.” With a Pom around, you’ll have a real-time update of everything going on in your home because they’re excellent watchdogs.

Pomeranians are very easy to train, especially when there’s a reward in view. However, Should made conscious efforts to not spoil him with treats, which, considering how lovable he is, is a problematic venture.



Intelligent; they respond well to training

Alert; they are aware of everything going on around them

Playful; they are highly energetic and active


Poms are sturdy and compact dogs with small legs. They stand 7 to 12 inches tall and weigh from 3 to 7 pounds.

They appear fox-like, with their dark, almond-shaped eyes and erect ears.

The tail is plumed and fanned out over the back.

The coat, which is thick and double, with a fluffy undercoat and longer outer coat, is available in all dog colors or patterns, including black, blue, red, chocolate, white, among others. However, white Poms with colored markings are called particolored.


The Pomeranian is an amiable and affectionate dog. Though he loves to be around family, he isn’t overly dependent on their attention. That makes him an excellent choice for the elderly and those who don’t spend much time at home.

Pomeranians are very alert; they tend to bark frequently and are suspicious of strangers. Therefore they make excellent watchdogs, announcing the activities that go on around your home.

Because of their size and charm, Pomeranians are suitable for apartment living. They do not require much physical stimulation or exercise and are only too happy to spend all day in the comfort of their homes.

Pomeranians are intelligent and very easy to train. You’ll be more successful with this dog when positive reinforcement is used. However, you want to ease up on the treats so he doesn’t become overweight


Poms tend to suffer from overheating, so do not leave your dog outside for long periods, especially in high heat or humidity.

The Pom’s fluffy coat sheds only moderately and is easy to maintain. Just brush the coat weekly to remove dead hair and to prevent the matting of hair.

You may bathe the Pom frequently, but only with dog shampoo.

If you’re an experienced groomer, you may trim his lush coat. If not, you should employ the services of one. That will prevent skin irritation, especially around the eyes and ears, which is caused by overgrown hair.

Where can I find Pomeranian puppies for sale?

Suppose you are looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale from a reputable seller. In that case, you can check Animal Direct. You can find cheap and affordable Pomeranian puppies for sale near you.

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