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Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer is a well-rounded dog with trusting eyes and a gentle personality. Although formidable in appearance, he has enduring patience that’s made him the ideal dog for families with children. The Boxer is protective, in a non-aggressive way, and usually gets along well with other dogs and smaller animals.

The Boxer dog breed was developed in Germany from an extinct Bulldog called the Bullenbeisser. As it is typical of Molossers, Boxers are descendants of Molossus—an ancient Shepherd dog.

The Boxer dog exhibited the first time at a dog show in 1896. Then later, he was used by the military during the first and second world wars.


Affectionate: The Boxer is a loving dog in every way. Although suspicious of strangers, it doesn’t take long for him to warm up to a familiar person.
Faithful: They are great family dogs, and their loyalty is second to none.
Playful: Boxers love to engage in different fun activities, and they love to do it with their friends and families.


  • The Boxer dog has a large, well-proportioned body; weight range is 55 to 75 pounds while the height is between 21 to 25 inches.

  • His head is sizeable, with a square-shaped muzzle and a pronounced underbite.

  • He has long, triangular-shaped ears that may hang down either side of the head.

  • The boxer dog’s tail is long and slightly curved, although it can also be docked.

  • The coat is short, smooth, and fits snugly to his body. Coat colors are fawn, brindle, or white—with or without white markings.


Boxers are loyal: If you desire a companion dog that is both loyal and obedient, then this is the perfect dog for you.
Boxers are friendly with children: Often patient and non-aggressive, they tend to be good with kids. Although sometimes they can be protective of them and act like a “big brother.” But isn’t that just cute?
Boxers are vibrant: If you’re planning to have a boxer dog be sure to get yourself busy. He is an active dog that needs regular exercise to keep him both physically and mentally sound. Also, try to involve him in family outings and picnics—he doesn’t like to be left out.
Boxers are trainable: Getting him to obey your command is an easy task, especially if you have a reward.


  • Due to his working heritage, a Boxer needs to be exercised regularly—nothing excessive; a daily 30-minute walk would.

  • Ensure that he gets adequate nutrition from his diets (usually, a high-quality dog food would do OK).

  • Keep the treats to a minimum to prevent obesity.

  • Brush his teeth at least twice in one week to discourage lousy breath and tartar build-up.

  • Brush his coat weekly to maintain shine.

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