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Beagles are hounds that were mainly created to hunt animals like Hare and Rabbit. Although they are small dogs, they have a great sense of smell. And for this reason, they have been successfully used as detection dogs by the government to track illegal substances. Beagles have won several awards, and they are among the top ten most popular breeds in the United States.
Here are the five major things you should know about the Beagle:

• They were developed mainly for tracking and hunting purposes
• They have an excellent sense of smell
• They stand 13 to 16 inches at the shoulder; Weight is usually between 18  to 35 pounds
• Beagles love to interact with their families and are prone to develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long
• They are excellent watchdogs. But as a result of their small size, they are not good guard dogs

In 1830, breeders developed Beagles in Great Britain. They are small hounds and were primarily created to hunt hare (beagling). They are thought to be closely related to the Southern Hound and North Country Beagle. However, modern Beagles are somewhat refined. Through the years, several Beagle packs with varying traits were established. But in the 1840s, the standard Beagle type emerged.


Beagles are often:
• Alert
• Even-tempered
• Intelligent 


Beagles have the following characteristics:
• They have a broadhead
• They have long floppy ears
• Muzzle and legs are short
• They have a smooth outer coat


• Beagles might be hard-to-train dogs as a result of their high prey drive. For this reason, training should begin early 
• They may get easily distracted due to their strong sense of smell
• They are pet-friendly dogs. 
• They are outgoing and vibrant around family but reserved with strangers
• These kid-friendly dogs love to play with children. However, adult supervision is recommended


Interestingly, Beagles do not require a lot of work. Their short coat is very easy to maintain. To keep your Beagle clean and healthy, do the following:
Weekly brushing of the coat to keep it smooth and shiny
Regular clipping of nails (overgrown nails would make movement uncomfortable)
Clean the ears regularly as they are prone to infections
Occasional bathing (too many baths would remove essential oils from its skin)


Beagles are generally one of the most healthy dog breeds around. But this is not to say they are not prone to specific health problems. Fortunately, these ailments can be prevented with the right dose of medication, exercise, and hygiene.

Listed below are common ailments you need to watch out for in the Beagle dog:

Ear infections
• Glaucoma

If you intend to add this breed of dogs to your family member. You can find adorable Beagle puppies for sale near you
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