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Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Are you looking for pitbull puppies for sale? Or you are looking for a mature pitbull for sale. Then keep on reading to know more information beforehand. Although most dog lovers are familiar with the term “pit bull,” it is often not always clear which dog is meant by it.

The Pit Bull Terrier, also known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, is a well-rounded dog of impressive strength and build. This dog type is of American origin. They’re also the direct progeny of the bull and terrier breed, a hybrid of the ancient Bulldogs and Terriers. 

The Pit Bull Terrier is an excellent family companion and known for his exceptional love for kids. He’s affectionate, gentle, loyal, extremely friendly—even with strangers, and very active. His high intelligence and tenacity make him excel in agility competitions and training.

Although Pit Bull Terriers come from a long history of “Bullfighting,” they’re gentle warriors who are now found in homes, bringing love, warmth, and devotion to their respective families.


• Affectionate; he has an immense love for everyone—family or not.

• Intelligent; he does excellently well in various dog sports and competitions.

• Courageous; while he’s not one to initiate a fight, he isn’t going to back down from one when challenged


• The Pit Bull Terrier is an athletic dog breed of average size. He stands from 17 to 21 inches and can weigh up to 60 pounds.

• The eyes are large and shaped like an almond, and the ears are medium-sized

• The single coat is short, glossy, and available in an array of colors or patterns—except for merle


• Despite his ancestry, the Pit Bull Terrier is a lover and not a fighter. He’s good-natured and generally affectionate towards everyone.  Not known to be wary of strangers, he’d greet your guests with the same enthusiasm and interest as he would his family.

• This dog loves children so much that he’d do anything for them. He’d assume any character for a kid; sometimes he’d be their nanny, other times their defender, and most times he’s their play buddy. Any role is, as long as it’s with a child, the Pit Bull Terrier is only too happy to oblige.

• Do not mistake the amiable nature of the Pit Bull Terrier for weakness—no, on the contrary. He’s robust, courageous, and tenacious. Often, he would rise in defense of his territory and family even if it means giving his life for it


• American Pit Bull Terriers require daily exercise. Expect to engage your dog for about 60 minutes every day to fulfill his physical and mental health needs. That could be in the form of long walks, obedience training, or fun games.

• Because Pit Bull Terriers have thin coats, they’re prone to chills. It is, therefore, necessary to keep them warm in the house and not leave them outside.

• Pit Bull Terriers have easy-to-groom coats. It only takes weekly brushing to keep the coat looking sleek and healthy.

Where can I find the Pit Bull of my choice?

Suppose you are looking for pitbull for sale from a reputable breeder or seller. In that case, you can check Animal Direct using the search bar address. You can find adorable pitbull puppies for sale near you.

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