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the temperament of the Akita

It is a working dog that original in Japan as a hunting companion, needs solid training as a puppy to prevent him from becoming aggressive. Quiet and reserved character, in addition to high loyalty, caring and has a heightened instinct for protecting its family and everything around it.

Powerful and ever so loyal, the Akita has quite a history that dates back to long before the Second World War. Their long-serving and affectionate nature were brought into light from as early as the 1500s when they as Samurai companions. This dog breed’s ancestry has been traced to Japan, so mainly it is Akita Japan Dog. It is from here that it began its ascent into the international dog community


  • The Akita is an always alert and self-confident dog.
  • A guard dog, but very calm and stealthy, it is not barking at all.
  • It has an intense hunting and protective instinct.
  • Brave and calm
  • With other dogs, it can become aggressive.


As a Spitz breed, coming face-to-face with an Akita, you should expect to see:
  • A massive frame with weight ranging from 32 to 50 kilograms and a height of between 24 to 28 inches.
  • A sizable head that matches the frame
  • Deeply-set eyes
  • Triangular and erect ears
  • Short double-coat that is easily maintained
  • Deeply furred tail carried over back or curled down its loin
  • Tight cat-like knuckles
  • Akita colors include white, red, two-color, and pinto.
  • Akita size 24-28 inch height


For a dog breed that is strong, independent, and sometimes cat-like, here are a few things to expect from the Akita dog breed.
  • Loyalty: The Akita is one of the most loyal dogs in history. Early Akita breeds have shown what it’s like to have a dog as one most trusted companion. And to this day, it has remained. 
  • Dominance: It is one of the most dominant dog breeds in history, with a predatory demeanor that can trace back to their early years. 
  • Strong Personality: It is often independent with a mind of its own. For this reason, it is not recommended for an inexperienced handler.
  • Affinity for children: They are often affectionate and sweet around kids. 
  • Territorial attitude: They may show aggression towards perceived threat when there is the need to protect. 


The Akita is a low maintenance dog breed that does not require you to go out of your way to care for it. However, it would be best if you kept up with regular grooming exercises to keep it in the best physical condition. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when caring for these Spitz dog breeds;
  • Maintain a level of a healthy diet (high-quality dog food, homemade with your veterinarian supervision or commercially manufactured)
  • Keep dog active with regular exercises
  • Brush coat frequently  to minimize shedding
  • Do a bath once every few months (or depending on your preference).
  • Generally, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing should be done every week or as seen fit.
  • Periodic visits to the veterinarian to prevent any disease

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