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Facts About the Sphynx Kittens

The appearance of the sphynx cat is undoubtedly the first thing that catches people’s attention. These cats barely have a fine fluff on their fur. However, if you want to know more about this wonderful creature or are you looking for affordable Sphynx kittens for sale? Then keep on reading for more details.

The sphynx is of Canadian origin. In 1966 a domestic cat gave birth to a black hairless kitten, and with it began the breeding of the Sphynx kitten. However, in the mid-1970s, other specimens of these “naked cats” were found, and the breeding continued. As early as 1971, the sphinx was already recognized as a breed.

Temperament Of the Sphynx Kittens

Cheerful: They are also usually quite happy with other pets, and it is rare for them to act aggressively.

Active: This breed is active and can often even learn to fetch objects that are thrown at them. Undoubtedly, these cats are among the most talkative of their species

Affectionate: They are very close to their owner, and they seek attention often.

Physical Features

1. They are a medium and muscular breed of cats that can weigh between 3.5 and 7kg. Its wedge-shaped head, with rounded contours, is slightly longer than it is wide.

2. The sphinx has large ears, with a wide and open base, and its tips are slightly rounded.

3. The big eyes of these kittens are lemon-shaped and slant towards the outside of the ears.

4. They have very wrinkled skin that can be of any color, even with spots, but they lack fur on their skin.

Sphynx Kitten Behavior and Personality

These breeds of cat make sounds from time to time, although their meow is not high.

It is not advisable to leave sphinxes home alone for a long time because they are cunning and can quickly get bored.

Food and Water

Just like every kitten, the Sphynx has a high lure towards liver and meat, as well as fish. However, you can still feed this feline with high-quality pet food. Ensure to avoid raw meats and fish, along with raw eggs and milk, because they can impose health challenges to the young Sphynx kittens.

Special Cares and Grooming

1. Given their absence of hair, Sphynx cats are sensitive to weather conditions, so special attention should be paid to the body temperature.

2. To avoid direct sunlight, you can protect the Sphynx with a suitable sunscreen.

3. These animals are very intelligent, so it is essential to entertain them on a regular and varied basis.

In conclusion, you can check out the nearest location if you are interested in purchasing any Sphynx for sale at an affordable rate.
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