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Facts about the Siamese Kitten

The Siamese cat is an extraordinary cat breed. Siamese cats are an ancient breed of cats that originated from Asia. Are you thinking of buying a Siamese cat? There are amazing Siamese kittens for sale. Continue reading to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

Siamese cats have been domesticated for a long time now and have proved to be wonderful pets. But before you buy a Siamese kitten up for sale, find out if it is legal to do so where you live. You could also get yourself acquainted with the animal adoption laws where you live.

The Temperament of the Siamese Kitten

Loyal: They are wonderful companions. They love to be around people and also develop a strong bond with their owners or close relatives.

Intelligent: They are intelligent animals. They are observant and love to interact. They love conversations too.

Loving: They develop strong attachments with their companions and love to go around with them.

Physical features of the Siamese Kitten

Siamese cats are of two types. The traditional Siamese cat breed has a triangular head shape, big ears, and a long, slender but muscular body. The modern Siamese cat has a much rounder head and body. Both types have beautiful eyes; their eyes are blue and almond-shaped.

Another physical feature of the Siamese cat is point coloration. Their furs are usually white or grey, and their paws are usually black. When born, Siamese kittens have a pure white coloring. They only begin to develop their characteristic point coloration on their paws and faces as they grow older. The beautiful bright blue eyes of the Siamese cat are the only physical feature constant from birth.

The slender body and thin legs of the Siamese cat contribute to its limber style of walking. Due to their long legs, also, they usually appear to stand taller than other cat breeds.

Siamese Kittens- Behavior and Personality

Social: Siamese cats are social animals. You find them around people. They are chatty and love to talk. They are fond of meowing frequently. Siamese cats are communicative and they try to say what they want. Generally, they are not timid creatures. They are not the type who run and hide when a guest is in the house.

Defense: Siamese cats are calm and are not on the defensive by default. But they do not fail to try to defend their companions when they sense threats. This attitude should not be mistaken for aggressive behavior.

Action: They are active animals. They love to play. They are friendly and get along with other animals. They crave attention and like to be involved in whatever activity that’s going on.

Food and Water

Siamese kittens need to be fed a little but regularly. They need nutrients to grow and develop well and, as such, should be given food particularly formulated for their proper advancement.

Special Care and Grooming

Siamese cats are not as airy as other cat breeds. Because they have less hair, they do not need to be brushed often.

They also do not need to be taken to the groomers often. They are neat animals, and they usually clean themselves. Owners can also take the initiative to give them baths.

Before you purchase a Siamese kitten for sale, ensure that it is healthy. At Animal direct, we offer Siamese kittens for sale at affordable prices.
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