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Facts About the Scottish Fold Kittens

These friendly and affectionate cats have often been compared to owls because they share similarities in their large eyes and round face. These kittens are sweet and charming breeds of cat to live with. However, it would not be easy to find any Scottish Fold Kittens for sale cheaply. Read on to find out more details.

The Scottish fold kitten is known for its forward-bent ears. It was first considered a natural mutation in Scotland in the 1960s. Numerous British veterinarians and judges decided that this breed’s folded ears were an undesirable deformity and would make it impossible for the cat to clean its ears. However, these breeds have proven all their fact wrong.

Temperament Of the Scottish Fold Kittens

Affectionate: The Scottish fold has a sweet and gentle character despite its strange appearance. They are very affectionate towards their owner.

Independent: Folds are not an active breed, which may be because movement causes them pain.

Social: Fold loves to play, especially with children. He also gets along very well with his peers and other animals.

Physical Features

The body varies from a medium size, wide, with well-developed bones and musculature. The legs are relatively short but should not hinder the mobility of the cat.

Its coat is short but can also be mid-long in the Highland variety. The undercoat is thick in both cases.

The coat is most often plain, but some Scottish Fold cats have stripes or spots with coats.

Their eyes are round in shape, tall, with a lively and gentle expression.

Their ears are peculiar, being folded forward. They are quite small, wide at their attachment, and rounded at their end.

Behavior and Personality

The Scottish Fold is a rather discreet cat, which does not make frequent use of its small voice.

The Scottish Fold is constantly looking for his family and cannot stand alone for long.

These breeds of feline are gentle and instinctively sympathetic. They are very attached to their masters and are very loyal to them.

Food and Water

Like all cats, the folds need a balanced diet, complete and adapted to his condition. An ideal diet for the Scottish fold includes tons of protein and very little carbs. It should be a mixture of wet and dry food.

Special Cares and Grooming

Scottish Fold owners should frequently handle their cat to check for stiffness or signs of pain, especially in the tail. If so, the animal should be taken immediately to the veterinarian for an examination.

The Scottish Fold’s coat is easy to maintain; weekly brushing is enough to keep the hair silky and remove dead hair.

His ears, however, require special attention. These should be checked and cleaned thoroughly several times a week to avoid the appearance of ear parasites.

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