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Russian Blue CatFacts About Russian Blue Cat Breed

If you are looking for a smart, independent, and super fluffy cat with minimal shedding, then the Russian Blue Cat is the best suit for you. This breed is famous for its striking blue fur and adorable green eyes.

Here we will discuss all the necessary details about Russian blue cats like history, appearance, temperament, health, and grooming so that you can better understand this royal beauty and take care of her as she deserves.

Russian Blue Origins

The exact history of this breed is unknown, but it is assumed that British sailors brought Russian Blue Cats from the Archangel (Arkhangelsk) in northern Russia to Britain in 1860.
In Russia, there are blue shorthair cats, but this thick double coat thrives in cold climates. It was brought to America in 1900.

In 1912, this breed was recognized as a breed by the Cat Fancy Governing Council (GCCF). The Russian Blue Cat is now accepted by all North American Cat Associations.

Russian Blue Traits

Russian blue cats are known for their natural smile faces. They have a beautiful slender body with long legs. This breed has a very different coat texture that is double, smooth and thick, (the breed’s characteristic feature).

The color of the coat is usually blue, as its name implies, but sometimes black and white Russian cats appear. Her emerald and almond-shaped eyes are wide apart. Russian Blue Cats are medium to large cats with a robust and muscular body.

Russian Blue Temperament

Russian blue cats are calm, shy, and sensitive, but they tend to develop a deep connection with one person and remain loyal. They take time to socialize with a stranger, which is why they behave absent or reserved in the presence of a stranger.

Russian blues are well-mannered and friendly cats. You can easily teach them how to behave and where not to go. They love to play with toys, and they like to climb and jump around the house. They will chase you when you are at home and want to play with you.

Russian blue cats like everything in the routine, and they hate changes in feeding times or any changes in the home. This breed is not aggressive, so they fit well with children.

General Health

Since Russian blue cats are natural breeds, this is why they are so healthy. At some point, your cats may experience urinary tract problems and bladder stones. Russian blue cats love food and always ask for more, which can lead to obesity if their measured food portions are not given. Consult your vet and design the exact nutrition your cat needs to avoid obesity.

Russian Blue Grooming

Russian blue cats don’t need much grooming as they spend most of their time grooming themselves. They do not shed too much and also produce a very low level of allergens (glycoprotein Fel d 1).
They love attention, so brushing the coat a few times a week will be a pleasant experience for them and will keep their coat soft and silky.


The Russian Blue Cat is, without a doubt, an adorable and elegant breed. You cannot overlook the fascinating beauty of this breed. Always take care of them and enjoy the best company.
Adorable Russian Blue Kittens ready to go to their loving homes. check if the onwers mention any of these conditions before make the deal:
Hypoallergenic breed
All kittens health checked
Warm and flea treated
Mom and Dad Available to see
Food samples
All kittens are raised indoors and fully socialised.
Kittens are strictly not for breeding.

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