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Facts About the Persian Kittens

The Persian cat is one of the most popular cats around, and it is known for its docile and calm character. Are you looking for Persian kittens for sale? Or you are looking for more information about Persian Kittens. Then read on for more information about the characteristics, health, and tips for purchasing the Persian kittens.

The first documented ancestors of the Persian cat were from the Angora breed. It originated from Turkey in the 17th century. Over the years, selective breeding has resulted in the squat body and indented face that we know today. The coat is not only long but also has a very dense undercoat,

Temperament Of the British shorthair Kittens

Calm Animals: Persian cats are considered very calm animals, and they have a low-level need for freedom. They like to sit quietly in a cozy spot.

Smart: Persians perfectly learn basic commands and do their best to please their master.

Affectionate: Persians get along easily with other animals and children. They are very patient with showing interest in their person.

Physical Features

1. Its elegant appearance, which it gets from its Angora coat and its particular head bearing, making it a superb pet for all feline lovers.

2. The eye color varies from blue, copper, green, hazelnut, odd. The eye color is intense and matches the dress.

3. The hair type is long, dense, fine, and very silky. The undercoat is abundant, giving volume to the coat.

Personality and Behavior

1. The Persian is a cat with a gentle and peaceful temperament. He likes to spend his days dozing peacefully, without being distracted by anything or anyone.

2. Although he is very calm, at times, he can reveal a strong and aristocratic character. If he’s disturbed during his precious nap, he’ll let you know his displeasure.

3. The Persian likes to lie down next to his master, sleep in his bed and even sit on his knees.

4. This breed tends to be wary of strangers. He is shy towards them and can hide in a corner for a long time.

Food and Water

To ensure a long life, it is important to take care of its diet. Some brands have developed kibbles specifically for this breed. These foods have been formulated to increase resistance against possible kidney problems and strengthen the hair’s softness.

Special Cares and Grooming

It will be necessary to offer him regular attention and care that he will not fail to return to you with his affection and loyalty

He enjoys the company of children but doesn’t like being teased or disrespected

The Persian primarily needs regular brushing to keep his skin and hair in good health

It is also important to regularly check the inside of the ears to avoid infections due to an overproduction of earwax
Persian kittens for sale are common in pet shops, but before purchasing one, ensure you check the medical record. You can check animal direct for the different Persian kittens for sale
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