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Facts About Maine Coon CatĀ Breed

Maine Coon CatThe Maine Coon kittens areĀ not only the most giant breed in terms of body size, but it also has a BIG personality and a beautiful appearance. This breed has a record of the longest domestic cat in the world.

If you are a fan of this really big cat and are looking for more breed-related information, then read this post.

Here we will discuss in detail the history, temperament, personality, health, and grooming of the Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon Origins

The Maine Coon cat is an only long-haired breed that naturally emerges from the United States of America. This breed is popular worldwide and also the official state cat of Maine. As the name implies, this breed comes from Maine in the early 19th century, where it is called by different names such as ship cats, popular mousers, and farm cats. The exact origin of the Maine Coon is unknown, as they developed naturally.

There are some assumptions about the origin, as some say sea captains brought a long-haired cat to the United States, and then these cats mated with short-haired cats. Others say these cats are descendants of the long-haired cat of Marie Antoinette, which was sent to the queen in advance. The Maine coon has a brown tabby coat with a shaggy ringed tail that suggests it looks like raccoons, but the mating of cats and raccoons is impossible.

Maine Coon Traits

The Maine Coon cat has a "waterproof" long hair coat. The interesting fact is that the coat is shorter on the shoulders but longer on the stomach and behind the legs. This breed has thick legs and a broad chest. This cat has a large head with long ears and large eyes.

This breed developed in the rural environment as a working cat that works to clean the barn and the home of rodents; that is why they have a strong and muscular body.

Maine Coon Temperament

Maine Coon cats are actually like big, gentle giants. They are calm, attentive, and loving. This super friendly cat is the perfect choice for families with cat-loving dogs and kids.

They are well adapted to a variety of lifestyles and personalities. Maine Coon cats are not needy or lap cats, but they like to have a good time with you.

No rodent will be safe in your home as they have retained their mouser skills. You can satisfy their need for chasing by providing them with many interactive cat toys. They also love to challenge their brains by playing puzzles and learning tricks. Maine Coon cats are experts at climbing, but they can also stay on the ground.

General Health

The Maine Coon cat is an overall healthy breed, but like other breeds, they also have some health issues. The good news is that there are different tests available to detect problems in kittens and carriers. Here are some maine coon health issues that most affect it:
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Spinal muscular atrophy

Maine Coon Grooming

The Maine Coon silky coat definitely needs regular grooming. You must comb the cat hair twice a week to distribute the oil and remove dead hair. If the coat feels greasy, then they definitely need a bath. You must adequately care about the health and hygiene of the cat, especially dental hygiene, which is essential for every cat.


Maine Coon cats are great friendly companions. This breed comes in different colors like black, white, or red, but its fur is more silky and adorable. You should properly care for your BIG cat and contact your vet in case of any illness.

If you intend to add this breed of cats to your family member. You can find adorable maine coon kittens for sale
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