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Facts About the Bengal Kitten

The Bengal cat, also called the or Leopardette, looks like a big cat in miniature format. It is one of the most friendly cats. She is not only beautiful but also very cuddly and loves to play with her owner. It is not very common to see Bengal kittens for sale at the pet store. However, you can keep on reading for more information.

The origin of this cat is from the United States of America. It is a cross between wild cats with short-haired domestic cats.  These hybrids laid the foundation for breeding Bengal cats. The Bengal cat is a truly unique breed of cats. After all, she is a "house tiger."

Temperament Of the Bengal Kitten

Friendly: Although their predator-like appearance leads to the assumption that they are looking at a hissing tomboy, Bengali prove to be particularly clingy

Active: Bengal cat is an active athlete even at old age. It is enormously strong in jumping. If it gets boring, the Bengal cat looks for activity fields and does not hesitate to open cupboards, clear shelves, and "redecorate" its surroundings

Affectionate: The Bengal cat loves to cuddle and accompanies her people everywhere

Physical Features

Bengal cats are slim and muscular and grow relatively large. Males can weigh up to six kilograms and up to 40 centimeters shoulder height.

The most striking thing about the Bengal cat is its spectacularly patterned fur: It can be spotted or marbled.

Typical of the breed is the very muscular but elegant and narrow body, with the shoulders slightly lower than the croup and slightly longer hind legs than the front legs.

The ears are small and rounded at the top but have a broad base.

Bengal Kitten Behavior and Personality

1. The Bengal is a confident, rather dominant, and active cat. Keeping cozy, restrained cats can therefore lead to problems. However, Bengal should never be kept alone.

2. The Bengal cats are also intelligent and can learn a few tricks. The Bengal has not lost its ancestors’ natural instincts and often has a very strong hunting instinct.

Food and Water

Cats are naturally carnivores, and Bengals are more so due to their ALC hybrid roots. Therefore you should feed your Bengal only dry and wet food that is high in protein and grain-free.

Special Cares and Grooming

1. Since the Bengal cat needs a lot of exercise, a house with a large, secure garden is best for keeping it, but a secure balcony or an outdoor enclosure is also possible.

2. Bengal cats love to climb and are particularly fond of water.

3. The Bengal cat is very clean and keeps its fur itself in order. But she enjoys being brushed, which is why you should treat the cat to this wellness once a week.

4. However, one of the most annoying but not life-threatening pests that nestle in the digestive tract of the leopardette is an endoparasite: the "Tritrichomonas fetus."
In conclusion, the Bengal cat impresses with its beautiful and unique predator fur. These breeds of cats are the most fun-loving animal to be with, and at animal direct, you can find Bengal kittens for sale at a very affordable rate.
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