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The best address for buying a bird is responsible breeders who lovingly care for their animals. The pet shop (Animal Direct) also offers various species of birds for sale.

Facts About Birds

Do you have a pet bird, or are you looking for a bird for sale? There are a few things to consider when purchasing. Truly, there are thousands of bird species, each with unique characteristics, housing requirements, feeding patterns, and characters. They are intriguing animals.

Their colorful feathers, beautiful singing, and their behaviors can keep you watching. And then, of course, the flying pets fascinate people making them popular as pets. Or you have a new hatch, you can sell your hatch on animal direct as well.

Temperament Of Birds 

  • Intelligent: Birds are very intelligent and are sensitive to the owner’s emotions. More to intelligence, they are also affectionate.
  • Whistle and talk: Unlike other pets, the parrots can learn different languages. Its speech is clear and distinct.
  • Reward Animal: Bird pets are eager to satisfy the demands of the owner and seek rewards in the form of a loving gesture.

Let’s take a look at some flying pet species.


Parrots can live to be 80-100 years old, which surpasses so many people. This intelligent pet needs a lot of care and attention.


The hood on the head and the orange circles on the head are characteristic of cockatiels. Cockatiels take up a lot of space. The recommended minimum size for a pair in aviary systems is 2m x 1m 1m. The cockatiel is a very sensitive animal, and you need a lot of patience to build trust. The volume should not be underestimated either, Cockatiel can easily reach 70 decibels.


Probably the most popular pet among birds is the budgie. It is the smallest, liveliest parrot and can live up to 12 years. The budgies always awakened and seen taking action. However, budgie should never be kept alone, and he needs his daily free flight.

Physical Features:

Birds belong to the class of vertebrates. The main common features are:
1. Wings.
2. Body covering made of feathers.
3. Beak without teeth.

Food and Water

Healthy bird food is made up of grains, seeds, and fresh food. In order for the food to be digested well,  needs grit. These are tiny stones containing minerals that break up the food ingested.
There are special feed mixes for the different species in pet shops. Besides, you serve fresh food made from vegetables, fruit, and kitchen herbs - if possible, from organic farming.

Special Cares and Grooming

  • Need several hours of free flight every day in a larger space.
  • Wake up with the first rays of the sun and then make themselves loud.
  • Wake up with the first rays of the sun and then make themselves loud.
  • There is an unpleasant odor from feed and excrement. Therefore, ensure to clean the birdhouse regularly.
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