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Facts About The Guinea Pigs

Are you looking for guinea pigs for sale? Then you’ve come to the right place at Animal Direct. The guinea pig is a cute and easy-to-raise pet. It is soft and calm, and it is unanimous among children. Keep on reading to discover more information about the guinea pig.

The guinea pig was known to the Incas living in the Andes of South America, in areas known today as Peru and Bolivia. They were originally bred for food. Guinea pigs were later brought back from South America to Europe, where they became laboratory animals - hence their name "guinea pig" - before being adopted as pets in the 1950s because of their lack of aggression.

Temperament Of The Guinea Pig

Social: The guinea pig is an animal with very high social needs. They naturally live in groups and need multiple interactions with their peers. In some countries such as Switzerland, it is even forbidden to adopt only one guinea pig.

Emotional: Guinea pigs usually are true explorers, and they form a very strong emotional bond with their owners.

Sensitive: They have a real sensitivity and sometimes a pronounced character when their owners allow them to express their natural behaviors.

Physical Features

It lives on average 6 or 7 years and weighs between 700g and 1.2 kg for males and between 700 and 900g for females.

The legs are short; in the front, they have four fingers, and those in the back only three, with claws.

The neck is not discernible between the body and the head.

Small ears at the back of the head give it an excellent hearing. The same goes for his sense of smell, which is very developed.

It has two large incisors that grow continuously like most rodents.

Its short coat is brown but can vary both in color and texture due to the crosses.

Personality and Behavior

The guinea pig spends a large part of its time in its cage, but it appreciates being able to get out a bit to stretch its legs.

The guinea pig lives in a group. If you leave him alone, he is bored. It is better to have two guinea pigs or to give him another companion.

Due to its harmlessness and expressiveness, the guinea pig is a particularly suitable pet for children aged 6-7 years.

They are fairly straightforward to keep in captivity, so a fairly limited cage size is sufficient for times when owners are away

Food and Water

Guinea pigs are strict herbivores, which digest fibers thanks to bacteria allowing their fermentation. Thus, a diet rich in fiber allows a good balance of the digestive tract’s bacterial flora, regulation of the transit, and good dental wear. For example, you can give it eggplant, carrot tops, black radish, tomato, grass, banana, apricot, strawberry, or even kiwi.

Special Cares and Grooming

The guinea pig is an animal that needs companionship. Once tamed, he appreciates hugs and other gestures of affection.

Relatively fragile, the guinea pig can develop health problems. It is important to have it monitored regularly by a veterinarian.

Guinea pigs with long-haired usually tangled their coats quickly. It is therefore recommended that you brush the guinea pig regularly.

In conclusion, before taking a step to any signpost showing guinea pigs for sale, you should ensure that appropriate preparation of the home is ready. You can check out the various guinea pigs for sale at animal direct.
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