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Facts About The Ferret

The ferret is an animal that requires attentive care and a lot of availability, like a dog or a cat. Although using a cage as a home for ferrets is not a good idea. They cannot stand being locked up all the time because they need to explore, browse and play. Are you looking for more detail about ferret for sale? Then read on for more information.

Ferrets are small predators with an elongated, flexible body and short legs. The ferret belongs to the mustelids and is related to the weasel, stone marten, etc. They are masters of escape, and you will be amazed at the small spaces they can all crawl through.

Temperament Of The Ferrets

Active: Ferrets are interested in romping around as resting. Their domicile should offer them both hiding places and climbing opportunities.

Affectionate: It is quite common to see this animal whet off and nibble on its owner’s pant leg.

Unrestricted: One thing is to keep the ferrets free in the apartment like cats. But that’s not entirely easy.  The reason is the animals’ great urge to move freely.

Physical Features

Ferrets have many different colors or varieties. The choice of coat color depends only on your personal taste. Be aware, however, that ferrets change their color a bit as they age. Thus, the coat becomes thinner with age. There are also seasonal variations with a darker coat in the summer.

There is a big difference in height and weight among sexes, the male being often twice the female. They measure approximately 56 cm, including the tail, and weigh between 1 and 2 kg.

Females are smaller in size with an average weight of 0.5 to 0.8 kg for a size of 45 cm, including the tail.

Ferrets Behavior and Personality

The smell: The ferret has a musky smell like that of its cousin, the polecat. This smell is peculiar. It would be best if you thought about it before adopting one.

The risk of bite: The ferret is originally a wild animal. Even a very nice ferret keeps its hunting instinct and can bite either because it sees you as prey or because it is afraid and wants to defend itself. This behavior is unpredictable; it is not recommended that you let children play alone with a ferret.

Cohabitation with other species: The ferret appreciates the company of dogs, cats, and birds. On the other hand, small rodents such as guinea pigs and hamsters awaken their hunting instincts, and this type of cohabitation should be avoided.

Food and Water

The ferret’s body is fully geared to digesting meat. It is, therefore, best to provide high-quality meat food, which is specially formulated for ferrets. It contains a lot of proteins and fats, but few carbohydrates and fiber.

A ferret cannot handle fruit and vegetables and should therefore not eat dog food due to the vegetable ingredients. As a snack, you can choose a special ferret treat or pieces of boiled chicken, boiled egg, or a very small piece of butter

Special Cares and Grooming

This animal is sensitive to canine diseases and must therefore be vaccinated against several viruses.

Generally, a ferret is very frightened by the change of environment, and it defends itself. So the first few weeks, he tends to bite at first, before you start training him.

In conclusion, before locating any ferret for sale, you should note that this animal is a wonderful companion, but it is not advisable to leave it alone with children.
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