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Are you looking for chihuahua puppies for sale? Or you want to acquaint yourself with information about chihuahua dog breeds. The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. Here you can find out everything you always wanted to know about the popular breed.

Small but feisty, the Chihuahua is not a dog to be underrated. He is small, but don’t let his size fool you; he is huge on personality. And for many years, he has proven to be an excellent watchdog for many homes.

Many stories surround the history of this Mexican dog. However, it is a descendant of an ancient companion dog called the Techichi. The Chihuahuas are suspected of having been in existence since the start of the 19th century. Still, they didn’t gain popularity until the early 20th century. chihuahua puppies


Intelligent: They learn very fast and are known to do well in training, mostly when positive reinforcement is employed.

Loyal: They get very attached to their human and are often protective of them.

Touchy: They can easily provoke. Therefore, the Chihuahua is not fair to have for homes with small children.


The Chihuahua breed is characterized by its portable size and massive, round eyes. Although some dogs may weigh considerably more or less, a typical Chihuahua weighs between 3 to 6 pounds.

Chihuahua dogs have large ears that stand out on their heads.

Chihuahuas are either long-coated or smooth-coated, and they all appear in different colors. Standard coat colors include fawn, red, cream, white or black.


The Chihuahua is a great companion dog who loves to spend time around his family. He is likely to form strong bonds with the individual he’s closest to and might even get territorial around the person.

The Chihuahua is an excellent watchdog. Despite his size, the Chihuahua is very confident and will not hesitate to tell any invader to back off.

Chihuahua dogs can be aggressive with unfamiliar people if not properly socialized. Therefore, early socialization and training are necessary to curb their aggressive tendencies.

Chihuahuas don’t back down from anything—not even the big dogs— which can be harmful to them. So to keep them safe, make sure they are on a leash whenever you go on walks or visit the park. Also, never leave them unattended for too long.


Whether smooth or long, the Chihuahua’s coat is easy to groom. It would only take about a few minutes every week to get his coat all combed out and looking fluffy. Moreover, brushing promotes the distribution of skin oil, which results in overall healthy skin.

Brush your Chihuahua’s teeth twice every week to discourage tartar build-up and remove bad breath.

Bath the Chihuahua once every two to three months with a mild or dog-based shampoo to protect his skin from drying out.

Where can I find Chihuahua for sale?

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