Lola the Bunny

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Lola the Bunny
Checkered Giant Rabbit
8 Month(s)
Our family would like to find a good home for our pet, Lola the bunny. She is free, as we are only concerned with finding her a good home. Lola is a sweet rabbit we adopted from a rescue center at 3 months old. She has had her spay surgery. She is 8 months old and in perfect health.
Her breed is a Checkered Giant, which makes her sound big, but really she is only about 10 pounds.
Our family has experienced a loss of job and we are moving to a new home that does not accept pets. We are sad to give up Lola, as she has become a beloved pet.
Lola is litter box trained and does not have accidents around the house. She is especially cute when she is eating her food and drinking her water as she makes darling little squeaking sounds. She is also adorable as she hops around and occasionally thumps her back paws.
Lola is beautiful and extremely soft. She has distinctive black spots on her ivory white fur and black eyes and ears. Her ears are long and floppy, occasionally standing up straight. They lay back as she is being stroked. Her fur is slightly long.
We do not have a hutch as she hops freely around the house. She usually hops under a bed to sleep. We keep her litter box in the corner of our laundry room along with her food and water bowl.
Lola needs rabbit friendly litter, pellets, and timothy hay. She enjoys treats such as raisins, apple slices, and carrots, on occasion.
We spend approximately $20 a month on Lola, buying her supplies from Walmart. She has been to the vet once since we’ve had her and was deemed in good health. She should visit the vet annually and after age 5, biannually.
Please contact us by phone. Vanessa @ 405-255-3405 or John @ 405-255-3516. We are hopeful to send Lola to a good home soon.
Jul 20, 2018
United States
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