Double rex hairless rats for sale, Small Mammals

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Double rex hairless rats for sale
Double rex hairless rats
2 Week(s)
I have 15 baby hairless ratties for sale and will be ready for rehoming in 2 weeks. I have 3 albino, 1 dumbo (cute dumbo ears), and 11 regular babies. Since they are hairless, you should not have any issue with dander or pet allergies. They are pets only, not snake food. I have personally raised them since born, interacted with them daily and socialized them, and have started training them in using a litter pan. They make amazing pets who are super sweet and cuddly, can learn their names and other neat tricks, and are very smart, social, and loving animals. They are being sold in pairs (2 or more) as rats require a cage mate to live a happy healthy life. I am not selling as pets for children. Children do not understand how to care for and properly hold/treat tiny animals such as rats. Buying for children means buying for yourself because you will have to clean cages, feed, handle, and care for. They need at minimum 30 mins a day outside of their cage for floor time/interaction time. I will give a complete care guide, food guide, cage and substrate guide, toy guide, and what is safe/unsafe for the little ones. I want to see them go to good homes who will love them and take good care of them, so I will be making sure you have the appropriate information and time to take care of them. I am not selling them just so they can be abused, killed, or let go. If you buy them, they are lifelong companions (they live about 2 years). If you discover that these pets are not for you, please do not kill/release into wild. I will gladly take them back and give them away to another loving home. Please message me for more information about these wonderful, sweet pets.
May 08, 2019
United States
South Carolina
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